Tea Partiers pissed at GOP

I’m loving it. These assholes manage to win some elections, which amount to less than 10 percent of the seats in Congress, and they think that automatically gives them a mandate.



Once the Tea Bagger idiots get kicked out, I hope Meckler would keep to his word and tell his candidates to not pass anything since they don’t have a mandate anymore

They seem to think that immediately after an election, the House and Senate should simply stop working and everyone should go home.

Are they aware of how these institutions actually work?

Of course not. If they were, they would realize how impractical their entire party’s views are. :smiley:

“Get your government hands off my Medicare!”

No, they don’t know how the government or much of anything else works. They are the Pig-Ignorant Party.

Yes, but that was simple-minded twits who were attending rallies after seeing them advertised on Fox.

In this case, we’re talking about Mark Meckler, a co-founder of Tea Party Patriots. He apparently thinks that after an election, the House and Senate should not sit, and no legislation should be passed until the new members are seated.

They don’t seem to understand that they didn’t really win and the Democrats were not “repudiated” and did not lose control of the Government. Sure, the Dems lost the majority in the House, but they still have a slim majority in the Senate.

I’m quite certain that if the situation was reversed, or worse for them, they would be pushing to pass as much of their agenda before walking out of the door. But as above, they don’t seem to understand that Life Goes On, and the Business of Government continues, just like any other day.

I’ve voted for President 8 times. Five times I’ve voted for Republicans, twice I’ve voted for Democrats, and once I voted third party because I couldn’t stomach either. I’ve voted more often for Republicans in my life than Democrats. I call myself Social Libertarian, meaning more socialist in the running of society and more libertarian in personal rights. Neither party fits my ideal and as I say about both;

Republicans, right arm
Democrats, left arm.
Same monster.

But honestly, at this point I cannot fathom that I will vote for any Republican candidates from this point forward unless they solidly repudiate the Racist Idiocracy that is “The Tea Party” and work to take back their party for the Intelligent and Reasonable.

The Republicans made a gigantic mistake by allowing the Tea Partiers to steer the ship. If nothing else, they’ve virtually guaranteed Barack’s second term.

Now, the only hope for the GOP’s survival is to flip to the liberal side, as the Democrats did back in the FDR days.

How many official, bona fide, true blue Tea Parties are there? The Wikimonster gives a bunch of them: Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, Tea Party Patriots, National Tea Party Federation, and the Tea Party Nation. Do they all have roughly the same amount of political clout?

And does it seem to anyone else that they’ve been awfully quiet since the election?

I’m thinking that it will be most amusing television to see freshman teapartiers get bitch-slapped by the senior Republican house members when they try to implement their agenda. This is going to be some good Daily Show watching.

Wait a minute, I thought the Tea Party was exclusively about lowering the deficit. Now it turns out they’re angry about the new START treaty and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Why didn’t anybody see this coming?

No one could have predicted this, and probably did.

You didn’t notice that they were also bent out of shape about having a black President? That they were intent on claiming that he was, of all things, a Muslim? That he wasn’t born in this country? (but obviously not a word about McCain, who clearly was NOT born in this country - no, the scorn is reserved for the uppity nigger.)

No, the Tea Party is all about “reclaiming” this country to be the White Protestant Conservative Xenophobic Isolationist Theocracy that they want it to be, under the guise of repealing all taxes because we all pay too much and they don’t like them going to the places they don’t like them going to.

And so, once again, the borrow & spend Republicans replace the tax & spend Democrats and we all take it in the shorts.

The unfortunate thing is that the Republicans have become Johnny One Note when it comes to their message. ***TAX CUTS!!! TAX CUTS!!! TAX CUTS!!! ***Thirty years ago when Reagan first ran on this, the top tax rate was 70%. Now it is half that, but the message has run away from all reality. Obama gets labeled a “socialist” for wanting to allow tax cuts to expire that might raise it a few percentage points.

Repudiate? I thought it was supposed to be “refudiate”.

I think we have seen the peak of the Tea Party. They will make a lot of racket in 2012, and then we won’t hear much about them after that.

I read a very interesting article (sorry, can’t find the link) that traces the facet of American politics that is currently being occupied by the Tea Party back hundreds of years. The common thread is that they are the folks who side with the wealthy elites against their own interests because they’d rather go without than let some “hated other” get anything. Their stated reasons for feeling as they do are usually lofty, but on examination they are completely inconsistent with anything except with being against non-white non-Christians.

This trend goes back at least as far as the Civil War, when poor Southern whites fought on behalf of wealthy land owners (a tiny, tiny percent of the population).

You will notice that the current manifestations of the Tea Party are for tax policies that benefit large corporations and billionaires at their expense.

Their incoherence undoes them. In my state, for example, they are dead set against a move to consolidate two rural school districts into one. Yes, it would save taxpayers money and lower the overall amount of government. The reason they give for opposing it is that it concentrates power in the hands of one mayor.

Hancock: Traitors, Mr. Dickenson? To what? The British crown or the British half-crown? Fortunately there are not enough men of property in American to dictate policy.
Dickenson: Perhaps not. But don’t forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor. And that is why they will follow us to the right! Ever to the right!

Heh. I love 1776 references! I got something a little less elegant and set a little later in history:

But it’s the early nineteenth century
And we’re gonna take this country back
For people like us,
People who just don’t think about things
But make things happen
Sometimes with guns
Sometimes with speeches too…
Take a stand against the elite
They don’t care anything for us
And we will eat sweet democracy
And let them eat our dust

Populism yeah yeah!

  • BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON, which I saw last night but closed on Broadway today :frowning:

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