Teacher assaults student that uses a racial slur against him

Yep,. Used to be somewhat normal from the stories I hear. I’m glad we’re in a place where this shit is (mostly) not tolerated.

Good. Beat the little shit to death. One less fucking racist in the world.

Guy should be thrown in prison and the key thrown away.
What the actual fuck?

Teachers should not be hitting students. Especially in a case like this, where the teacher apparently paused between the inciting incident and when he began hitting the students. This, to me, shows that the teacher didn’t just “snap”.

That said, the student was also very wrong. He threw something at a teacher, he seriously insulted him, and he was generally disruptive and disrespectful.

The teacher should have reported the student and the student should have immediately been removed from class, to be followed up with a prolonged suspension.

At this point, given what actually happened, the teacher should also be looking at a prolonged suspension.

Whether either punishment should go further, with the student being expelled or the teacher being fired, would involve knowing more information that I don’t have.

I went to parochial school including high school in the Bronx in the 1950s and 1960s. Corporal punishment, particularly by the Christian Brothers who ran my high school, was standard and accepted. But it consisted of maybe a smack in the back of the head to a kid who wasn’t paying attention in class, or for more serious offenses, a whack with a paddle on the butt.

But an adult teacher beating up a 14-year-old kid in this fashion would not have been “routine” in any circumstances. Putting a kid in the hospital for throwing a baseball would have been way, way off the charts. I’m sure a lay teacher would have been fired for such a thing, and I’m pretty sure even a brother would have been removed from the staff.

Corporal punishment is different from beating someone up. Even fifty years ago something like what is described in the OP would have been beyond the pale.

Yes. The kid should have to apoligize to the teacher, and the teacher should spend a couple of years in prison.

Corporal punishment is illegal in California. California Education Code 49001

The kid threw a basketball.

This is a situation where IMO both participants are blatantly in the wrong.

I do admit that I feel some sort of satisfaction that a racist little shit was pasted to the floor for being racist, but at the same time, by his TEACHER? That’s very wrong. I have no clue what ought to be done, but I do think the decision has to take into account its own potential later ramifications.

If you’re throwing baseballs, you started it. I cannot condone the teacher’s actions, but I hope the youth learned a valuable lesson, as well - don’t start shit if you can’t finish it.

Sounds like this wasn’t his first incident with students. They think it was a set up to get him fired.

You think we should be teaching kids that violence is okay provided you follow through and finish the other guy off?

Violence is never the answer. Beyond that, I mean, I understand “fighting words” - I’d be more sympathetic if this happened in e.g. a bar - but this was way over any line. Teachers act in loco parentis, there’s never any call for a teacher to hit a student in lieu of discipline.

This doesn’t mean the student shouldn’t also be expelled, regardless of any consequences for the teacher, though.

That’s quite the non-sequitur you’ve posted; congratulations!

It is possible for the teacher’s violent reaction to have been wrong AND to have provided a valuable lesson to the young man about what violence, that he sought to provoke, can be like: sudden, brutal and not at all pleasant.

What the student said is irrelevant, the throwing of the basketball (at the teachers legs) is irrelevant.
The correct response to any of the above is not, “punch 14 year boy in the face repeatedly, drag him to the ground and kick him”

It is clearly a violent assault on a child and should be prosecuted as such. The 14 year should be subjected to whatever sanctions the school has at its disposal but the blame for the violence is 100% on the adult, “professional” teacher.

You’re right they should have tied the kid to the desk and sodomized him with a plunger to teach him a lesson.


It it was a Bar, I would say the fucker deserved the ass kicking he got. But this, its literally the teachers job description to teach juveniles how to act in society. If the students are acting basely, its the teachers fault.
No matter how much posters like Kimstu and Snowboarder Bo might try to find excuses.

Normal school disciplinary actions should be taken.

Sure, maybe suspension, but I’m assuming unambiguous assault and racist language is an expulsion-level offence, of course (here, the latter would be outright criminal)

The baseball/basketball distinction is very important. If it had been a baseball, then we’re potentially talking about lethal force. And it’s well-established in law and society that if someone, anyone, uses lethal force against you, any force you use in response is justified.

A basketball wouldn’t be lethal force, and so some proportionality is required in the response. But it’s still assault. Did the teacher reasonably believe that the assault consisted entirely of the thrown ball, or that the student was going to continue?