Teacher let 5th graders use a trash can as a toilet.

Remember the guy why put a student in a cardboard box last year? Well last week during a lockdown drill he allowed several students to use a trash can as a toilet to avoid having them leave the classroom. Was that appropriate? It sounds so strange. What are teachers supposed to do during a lockdown when a student needs to use a lavatory and cant hold it?

Sadly, I’d have to look at our policy for drills on how to handle this since they change every year. But I’m pretty sure in my district teachers are supposed to tell the kid to hold it, if it’s an ‘emergency’ they’re supposed to contact an administrator.

I’m sure the teacher could have handled it better than this, especially if it was a planned drill and he knew there wasn’t an intruder in the building. Using a garbage can just humiliates the poor kids.

It could be a tough call though,because if you want to simulate an actual lockdown, teachers aren’t allowed to open the classroom door-- for anything… even if a kid is knocking on the door trying to get INSIDE the room. Again, I’d have to double check the policy, but I know opening the door to let a student enter was discussed a year or two ago and the answer at the time was that an intruder could have the kid at gun-point and when you open the door for the kid the intruder could also get in and have a room full of hostages rather than just one.
I’m not a teacher, but work for a school district, so I don’t know the classroom policies that well… I just know what I’m supposed to do…

“[The Superintendent] said if the school had been on an actual lockdown and students needed to use the restroom, she would have encouraged them to think about something other than the bathroom.”

Excuse me? Whatever. :rolleyes: Obviously this woman has been out of the classroom too long, if she ever was in one.

The teacher called to the office to find out what to do. He had the same gender students provide a visual screen with jackets for the children who had to go, while the rest of the class faced the other way. I see nothing wrong with what he did, and I’m damn glad his poor students weren’t forced to wet their pants to fufill some Administrator’s poor planning and power trip. Yeah, he’s thinking outside the box snerk, but I don’t see what else he could have done.

So is the purpose of practicing these lockdowns to identify problems, or not? Did it really need a real-life exercise to discover that kids have an annoying tendency to urinate? I guess I’m with the OP, in that the exercise seems to have been intended to prove the school is ready for something-or-other, but it turned out that they’re not.

What the hell is a lockdown drill? I have only been out of school for 10 years so I think I’d remember something like this. Is this something new?

Since the Columbine shootings, anyway. Remember fire drills and tornado (or hurricane or earthquake) drills? Like that, but for armed intruders. The school practices whatever plan it’s put into effect for how to deal with a potential shooter.
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Even before Columbine, these things–fire drills and the like–seemed totally irresponsible. When one of my kids was in high school his swimming class was gotten out of the pool and sent outside, weather in the mid-30s, light snow falling. They had wet hair and were wearing towels. Now in the case of an actual emergency this would have been an acceptable risk, but for a drill? Nuh-uh. Did they really help that much? I think they just cause anxiety. I remember duck-and-cover drills from my own youth. They just scared us. In the event of a nuclear attack we’d have been toast and we knew it.

Wow, nowday’s I imagine parents would sue if their kid was made to go outside in freezing weather wearing a wet bathing suit. In HS we were told that if the fire alarm went off while we were showing after gym (which almost nobody did) to get dressed first then leave (off course there were exits right outside the lockerroom entrances. We never had lockdowns until I was in HS either. AFAIK the bathroom issue never came up, but one time I got a nosebleed during one and was just told to go the nurse’s office (the drug dogs were visiting). Of course my school also responded to a bomb threat by making everybody sit in the auditorium instead instead of evacuating.