"Team Friendly"? Blow me.

At my recent review, you guys told me to rearrange the room that my office mate and I share. You said that our present arrangement wasn’t “team friendly”. In other words, it was hard for someone to stand behind me and watch what I do.

Well, no fuckin’ duh! This is a creative job. I hate, HATE, HATE having people behind me when I work- it’s like someone staring at the back of my neck, ya know? And yeah, I occasionally do stuff non-work related, and I occasionally look at possibly “controversial” websites… what’s it matter, though, if I get the fuckin’ job done?

Look, everyone likes a bit of privacy. Even you guys- with your FUCKING DOORS YOU CAN CLOSE. That’s right- my “office” doesn’t even have a door- we’re just a blister on a hallway. Two of us, crammed into a room just slightly too small, and a hell of a lot of art reference materials. Do any of you “higher ups” want to room with someone else? I’ll gladly switch with you.

Now, though, since we had to rearrange to make the room more “team friendly”, people can sneak up behind me while I listen to my mandatory headphones (necessary, 'cause remember- I’m sharing the “room”. Now we’ve got a lot of wasted space in the middle of the room, 'cause we had to rearrange. Never mind the fact that roomie and I were comfortable with the previous arrangement. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the ac vent that blows straight down on top of me now…

There wasn’t a lot keeping me at this job. A comfortable working environment was one of those things. Not any more.

:: peeks over Lightnin’s shoulder ::

Wow; think she’s actually 18?

I HATE those stupid phrases like “team player” and “team friendly”! No I am not a team player you little cock sucker, FUCK OFF!!!

Yeah, I always thought my job wasn’t so bad. Until we got told that we had to think outside of the box about a week ago.

Fuck you bitch.

[sub]The above comment was not meant to belittle differently ideas. I’m all for different ideas. I just hate that fucking phrase. [/sub]

Lsura, you need to work smarter, not harder.

If you can do that and be proactive you’ll get synergy.

I suggest everyone check out http://www.demotivators.com

I had the poster of the sinking ship (I don’t want to give it away) on my wall at one job for about 6 months, and not one person who read it, got it They would just look at me and say something like,“that’s nice”
Fucking idiots cracked me up every time

By the way, this isn’t just some fad idea – it’s a new way of doing business and we’re fully committed to it!

Isn’t “Team Friendly” the next expansion pack for Quake 3?

To survive in this fast-paced environment, one must proactively embrace outside-the-box thinking. By synergizing and becoming a team player, the fast track to results-driven empowerment creates a win-win situation for everyone. Providing the necessary bandwidth to interface effectively is key to leveraging one’s mindset and promotes client focused communication. So push the envelope, streamline goal-setting opportunities, but remember that Profit = Income - Costs.

I hear corporate crap like this and it makes me glad I work in a truck stop.

Thanks, guys!

I always thought that ‘team friendly’ meant not telling your fellow co-workers to fuck off and die.

I’m glad I escaped from the Dilbertesque hell that is the Large Corporation.

Yeah, let me proactively synthesize a half-ounce of something white n creamy for you. Perhaps then we can communicate in a meaningful fashion and discuss an efficient process set for you to lick the sweat off my balls. I’d like to be a team player, but it’s difficult for me to prioritize my long term goals while sniffing the asshole of middle management fucks like you. I would think outside the box if you stop keeping me in the dark and feeding me shit. I’d happily fall into your arms as a trust building exercise, if I didn’t know you’d catch me with your cock.

any team friendly stuff has to be counterstrike, in honor of the school shootings. (I am just mad that someone happened to walk by and give us that reason to stop playing counterstrike. Now we have to use banana bombs instead of concussion grenades:)

Oh, man, have I got some bad news for you!

Petro Stopping Centers and TravelCenters of America are consolidating the professional-drivers niche of the burgeoning highway travel services industry.

Soon, their value-added services and quality customer-care initiatives will revolutionize the industry, deliving cost savings through purchasing and management synergies, integrated ERP programs and national scope.

So you’re pretty much fucked. Sorry.

I’ll spearhead that initiative.

Yes, but is it value-added?

[sub]does anyone know what the fuck that means?[/sub]


I’m thinking we just need a new paradigm shift.

Empower yourself.