Team sports games without projectiles

Do there exist any athletic sports games which are played by competing teams and which do not use balls, pucks, darts, bullets, or other projectiles? By “game” I mean to rule out track and field events like races and jumps, which are simple contests of strength, agility, speed, etc. And by “team” I mean that there must be at least two opposing groups, with at least two people in each group playing simultaneously.

Rodeo team roping.

Of course not simultaneous. Sorry.

Capture the Flag?

There’s Kabaddi (national sport of Bangladesh, don’t you know), which was actually shown on TV here for a couple of years. It’s basically team tag.

Tug of war.

Relay racing

ixnay on the aceray.

Never mind.

ixnay on the Tug of war.

Rowing? (And, come to think of it, all those Olympic events involving sailing and yachting?)

SCA melee combat.

That’s just another kind of race, isn’t it?

I think Tug of War meets the spirit of the original post. While strength is important for ToW, there is also a large component of coordination. Furthermore, the teams compete directly against each other, not against some quantitative strength measurement (weights, etc).

ballroom dancing

Well, as with the argument that’s starting to get made about tug-of-war, you can’t simply have everyone start rowing; they have to do it in sync to get anywhere, cooperating for the rhythm, right? (Sailing and Yachting I know even less about, but I assume there’s a whole teamwork thing of coordination going on.)

That may be true, but I think rowing still fails on the second definition. Specifically, in rowing, you’re racing against the clock, not against other teams. You could just as easily let one team at a time run the course as all teams simultaneously; there’s no interaction between teams.

Nah, there’s always archers somewhere.

Not during a melee reign.

How about curling? The rock’s not a projectile (thank goodness!) and teamwork is involved to keep the rock sliding along.