Tears for Fears Fans! Anyone remember...

The animated cartoon based on the band that came out in the (I’m guessing here) early 80s? Set in the future, had the band members fighting some evil dude for some reason, and it had “Shout” as the theme and segue music.
I swear this exists, but I haven’t been able to find anything on either Google, Altavista or Yahoo. My wife’s a big fan, and SHE hasn’t even heard of this. Anyone out there able to englighten me, or shall I just go on thinking it was a hallucination?

A cartoon? Based on Tears for Fears?

I’m a big fan too, and I’ve never heard of it at all. Sorry, can’t help you there!


are you sure it wasn’t set in the 60’s?
with this yellow submarine thing?
and some blue meany types?

Yeah, I remember my first acid trip…

Actually I’m just amazed. I’ve never seen so many Tears for Fears fans gathered in the same place at once :slight_smile:

Lay off the crack, man. I’ve never heard of this.

And I nearly wore through my “The Hurting” cassette… it was my first non-top-forty music purchase.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of Kidd Video?

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**Lay off the crack, man. I’ve never heard of this.

What the heck? I sure haven’t heard of this - I don’t even recall any music videos of theirs that had animation in them, and you’d think they would cross over at least once.

I think False_God is referring to an animated show that just happened to use the Qu- eh…Tears for Fears song in one episode.

Major, major TfF fan checking in. Coherent and cognizant in the 80’s. Never even heard a rumour about said cartoon.

But that can’t stop us from starting it NOW, can it? :smiley:

I loved The Hurting, but I don’t think any of their later releases came anywhere close that level of quality.

I never heard of any cartoon, tho’. I’m with Guin, you’re probably thinking of Kidd Video.


Don’t remember any cartoon, but I do recall the People* review of Songs from the Big Chair that mused on whether said chair was really Roland Orzabal’s toity. :smiley:

Crap. A virtual chocolate mackerel goes to the mod/admin that fixes my preceding mess.

::sets the Wayback Machine for 1981::

Hmm… A cartoon involving Shout? I don’t remember this either, and I was into TfF and Human League and Art of Nouse and other “CFNY music” (“alternative” when the term still meant something) at the time too.

It was Kidd Video

:(Zombie Video.

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