Tech Levels: "Firefly" vs. "Battlestar Galactica"?

Or, the long way, “Which universe is more technologically advanced—that of ‘Firefly’ or the new ‘Battlestar Galactica’?”

I’ve not been, I regret to say, a regular viewer of the new “Galactica,” though from what little I’ve seen of it is probably going to make me one. But I’ve noticed that Galactica doesn’t seem to be at a “Star Trek” level of technology. In fact, in some ways, it seems to be closer to the world of “Firefly.” (Well, the core worlds, at least.)

Anyway, it all got me wondering…how do they stack up against each other, tech-wise?

At the very least, Galactica ships definately have FTL drives, which Firefly’s don’t seem to. (Though it’s not clear if the technology is impossible, or just not needed. Though they do, it seems, have FTL communication.) Firefly also doesn’t seem to have AIs, while Galactica has an entire race of them.

Galactica’s humans, on the other hand, haven’t yet discovered a cure for cancer. Firefly, at least, has bioengineered synthetic organs in the experimental stage, and working cryostasis systems.

But that’s about the limit of what I know to compare. Anyone else want to pitch in?

Well, in Firefly, the core-worlders have hovering chandeliers for no apparent reason. Battlestar Galactica doesn’t have that. :smiley:

haven’t seen Firefly, well, nothing more than clips, does the Fireflyverse use energy-beam weapons (Phasers, disruptors, lasers, pulse weapons, etc…), looks like the Galacticaverse (new) uses projectile based weapons, the Vipers and Raiders fire bullets and missiles (Raiders are Nuke-capable), the main guns on the Galactica fire what appear to be flak/shrapnel canisters and have nukes available, the BaseStars fire missiles (nukes and conventional warheads), no idea on “gun” style weapons, BaseStars seem to concentrate more on long-range/high yield missiles, i’d imagine they leave the “bullet-work” to the Raiders

i’d say the use of physical mass-based projectiles make the Galacticaverse makes them a tad more “primitive” then universes where energy weapons are the norm…

If you take away Galactica’s FTL ability, I’d say the Firefly 'verse is more advanced. I’ve seen nothing in Galactica that would lead me to believe they could terraform a planet if they wanted to, and their medical technology is no more advanced than ours. In fact, I’d wager ours is more advanced than Galactica’s. I’m certain a modern geneticist with equipment could tell the difference between a Cylon and a human. They certainly could in the Firefly 'verse.

Galactica reminds me of Earth circa the 70’s & 80’s, and they just happen to have FTL, by some gods given fortune.

Firefly doesn’t have FTL? Buh? It doesn’t take years for them to get from one solar system to another.

When they left Earth, they used sleeper ships. The Firefly 'verse is one big-ass solar system, with “dozens of planets and hundreds of moons.” No FTL.

Cite when you say that, Pardner.

Galactica created a race of AIs cpable of plotting the overthrow of the human race.

Plus FTL. Galactica wins.

Sorry, back to the OP: I’d put Firefly’s medical technology over Glactica. As has already been suggested, I think Galactica is 20th century with Battlestars instead of aircraft carriers.

The folks in Firefly were not only smart enough to build them, but as it turns out, they were smart enough to not build them.

Firefly wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Firefly is all in one solar system? I didn’t know that (admittedly I’ve only seen the movie).

Honor Harrington could kick both their asses. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’ve seen the movie, then you know about “Earth-That-Was” and the terraforming of the new system. It was in the lesson being taught at the very start of Serenity.

That should also serve as my cite for carnivorousplant. Sleeper ships are the only thing that works.

Honor cheats. She has Nimitz. :smiley:

I remember that, and even vaguely about the sleeper ships…but I still assumed they were going between multiple solar systems (and thus using light speed). I must have missed that its all one big solar system (and I still want to buy all the episodes of FF at some point this year…really liked the movie, even started a thread about it :)).

Yes she does. I certainly wouldn’t want to meet her and Nimitz if she was pissed off…especially if she had a sword in her hand. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, haven’t seen BSG, at least not the new one. I seem to recall in the old one that they didn’t fight at light speed (or greater)…they usually fought at sublight, using hyperspace to move between systems (or something like that…its been a long time). So, I don’t think having light speed capability would be all that much help in a fight, except perhaps to run away if things went south. However, BSG had really cool aero-space fighters…though could be a big difference if FF universe doesn’t have anything like it.


Nah, you’re speculating.
I speculate that the Alliance has FTL. It’s damned expensive and the normal guys can’t afford it. They would have had to search many solar systems to find one with so many planets and moons of gas giants.
But whatever. It’s just TV, not Trek. :slight_smile:

The Fireflyverse does have beam weapons. In the episode “Heart of Gold” the sherriff used a pistol-sized laser against the whores, but it seemed to run out of battery power quickly. In the movie you can see beam weapons in the Alliance vs. Reaver fleet battle.

What’s wrong with using a telescope? :smiley:

And it’s TV no more. We got our movie!

(Which promptly tanked at the box office and effectively killed the franchise. Shut up.)

Well, the show tanked on TV too, but rocked on DVD both here and internationally, so let’s wait for the DVD before calling TOD.

Anyway, those Alliance cruisers look pretty darn big, and I’d love to see what one could do if it got cornered by a Basestar.

AHA!! I quote from “A Brief History of the Universe circa 2507A.D.” by Joss Whedon:

*A nearby star was located…

An entire generation never even saw the outside of a spaceship, the journey took so long.*

So…no sleeper ships, but no FTL either.

Bah. Firefly is easily on a par with Trek. It may actually be better, but I haven’t decided yet. This is not a claim I make lightly.

Technologically or as a television series? 'cause, in both cases, there’s an apparent superior and inferior.