tech question- Norton and Outlook

Hey all- stupid tech question. I have Norton 2001 and Outlook. Even though Norton says it is scanning my attachments as they come into my inbox, I want to either:

Be forced to perform a scan upon attempting to open the attachment
Right click and get the option to scan with Norton

I’m using Exchange server, Outlook 97, and Norton 2001. Interestingly, if I right click a normal file on my hard drive, I do get the option to scan. However, it does not come up in Outlook.

Thanks if you can help!



I presume (checking through my Norton) that if it is located in your email client that it has already scanned, it assumes the file is safe. I could not find an option to scan when opening up a file from within your email client, I assume this includes others like Eurdora and Netscape Mail.

I do know that if I open up a Word doc or an Excel file even directly from within Outlook it still scans the file within Word or Excel, but that’s a default within Norton.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help but I think that if the file is located in Outlook, Norton is assuming that it’s already checked it once so why check it again except in the instance I listed above.

I looked at Symantec & they said this

You are using Microsoft Outlook 98 and Norton AntiVirus 2001 (NAV) on a computer running
Windows 98. NAV did not detect Outlook 98 as an email program, so you set it up as a manually
configured email client, and you have set NAV to use a manually configured email client. After
restarting both programs, you find that Outlook 98 is not shown as a protected email program when
you click Email Status in the NAV program interface.

                    You can connect to your POP3 server and retrieve email, and everything else appears to be working.
                    You want to know whether email protection is enabled and why NAV will not show Microsoft Outlook
                    as a protected email program."

“This is caused by a change to the Windows registry that is made when you download and install a
Microsoft Outlook patch. At this time it only effects Microsoft Outlook 98 users.”

Which doesn’t seem to apply to Outlook 97 but you never know.

Norton Antivirus does not scan Outlook attachments when you use the Exchange Server. They want to sell you their produce for Exchange servers, so the desktop program doesn’t have that capability. You need to detach the attachment and scan it manually.

Pretty lousy, if you ask me. McAfee can do it; why not Norton?

Thanks for your answers, guys! I sure appreciate them all. I guess as long as it scans them coming in, I should be OK. I just really like to scan 'em manually.


If that’s all you want to do, then I highly recommend you download a free virus scanner called InnoculateIT. You can get it at

So far I’ve been using it at our company and we’ve had a 100% success rate with it, unlike Norton and MacAfee. It even catches those annoying Word macro viruses, and cleans everything up automatically.

Um, more importantly, it’s free, reliable and frequently updated (once every two or three months). :slight_smile: