Technical questions concerning Yahoo! webcam service and A: accessibility

Unfortunately, a floppy disc that has some pictures of family on it was accidentally destroyed when I dropped my practice pad (think of a 5 lb. block of wood) on it in a clumsy circumstance. Are the pictures, upon being viewed, stored somehow onto the hard drive so that they might be retrieved?

Also, a friend was showing me his family on his webcam. I use Yahoo messenger, and was wondering if these images could be retrieved; that is, are they stored on the hard drive upon recieving the images? He could send me a regular picture if it were that he had pictures of a couple of the family members in question. However, we didn’t think, and his cousins are off back home, no way to contact easily, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated in both these areas.

I was wondering the same thing myself but I learned that the cam streams insted of saving so after the image is seens its gone. However I know you can git stream capture programs for other programs but try looking for a stream capture program first and dont know about the flopy

Someone else may have some bright ideas, but I believe you’re out of luck on the floppy disk. Any viewing program would simply open the file on the floppy disk, display its contents, and close the file - there would be no need to make any sort of temporary copy onto the hard drive.

A valuable lesson, BTW, that I tried to beat into users’ heads for years: a floppy disk is not a very reliable storage medium, especially if you read and/or write to it frequently. It’s OK for moving small files to another machine, or for keeping a backup copy of something that’s already on the hard drive, but it’s not a good place to keep the only copy you have of a given file.

Well, it’s not a TOTAL loss, I could contact my aunt and have her resend them, I discovered today. As Early Out suggests, it was a valuable lesson indeed. Safer computer habits are in order! :wink: