Teddy Bear Lullaby - the 10-year saga

I can’t find this song. I’ve been searching for ten years. I’m not even sure that Teddy Bear Lullaby is the title. Here’s one verse:

Look at Teddy, he’s so tired
He’s been playing very hard.
Little Teddy needs his sleep
But bears aren’t good at counting sheep.
Close your eyes and he will too. (Refrain)

I’ve tried google, google groups (Usenet search - found one post that gave the title and more lyrics), lyric searches, cd searches, midi searches – nothing. Does anyone have a recording, score, or more information?

This is my last try. After this, I give up. (Maybe.)


Don’t know if you ever found it, but that song is called
“Lullaby for Teddy” and is from the CD called
" A Child’s Gift of Lullabies"

Teddy Bears come for brainzzzzz

I do hope the OP didn’t wait 18 years to find this answer, however.

Holy crap, I’m still registered and getting updates from this board. Who knew?

And thanks!

Okay. After seeing this I no longer object to zombie threads.

You’ve had the same email address for 9 years? :eek:


Yes, I have had the e-mail address that long. What really gets me is that I thought the board was revamped and moved a few times. I didn’t think the old subs had survived all that.

I’m expecting a nephew in spring. This comes just in time to buy the CD. What timing.

No, we’ve pretty much always been at the same url. Coupla temporary technical spasms had us elsewhere for very limited times, but we always came back here.

Congratulations on your nephew. Don’t be a stranger.:slight_smile:

What I want to know is, how did anniem56 find the thread to reply to? “I’m bored today … oh, I think I’ll look at some 9-year-old threads to see if I can answer any questions.” :confused:

“… and register at this new board to post the answer.”

Anyway, my guess is anniem56 probably found the thread via Google.

Ignorance fought!