Teddy Roosevelt, badass

Hey dopers,

I’m doing a lesson for a bunch of high school sophmores on Teddy Roosevelt for their American History class for my observation course. They’re not overly enthusiastic about the class in general, so I thought I’d deviate from standard and emphasize exactly how cool this guy was.

What points would you hit?

I know I’m going to do: San Juan Hill, speechifying after being shot, conquering his asthma, and I’ll toss in this quote “Death had to take him sleeping, for if Roosevelt had been awake there would have been a fight”

His conservationism might appeal to a younger crowd.

Seems like he also had some involvement with regulating college football, possibly increasing safety rules or something…

IIRC was Police Chief of New York City and he was a pretty good big-game hunter. He had the fortitude and good sense to divorce himself from the GOP when the party of Lincoln forgot its progressive roots to get in bed with the railroads and other big business.

Big Game Hunter. While it might not be something I enjoy, I love all those old photos of people hunting and fishing.
(Hemingway is badass too)

Almost died on the Amazon River.

He had, like, 30 goddamn dicks.
Oh, wait. That was Washington.

Yeah. The GOP was about as progressive as railroad iron, and the big business was becoming hugely important - the foundation of the american economy - while the progressives were trying to enact some of the msot incredibly stupid economic plans in history.

Well there are a bunch of T-Ro’s quotes on the walls of The Museum of Natural History that are kind of cool.
IIRC, newsboys in NYC used to live in a house alone. Like 30 or 40 boys age 6 to 13 living alone and selling newspapers. Teddy thought it was cool that these boys were doing that because they were learning about life and such.

The teddy bear was named after him, after an incident where he refused to shoot a tied-up bear, considering it unsportsmanlike.

Apparently, Teddy had the bear shot anyway - just not by him. :wink:

I read somewhere that he challenged certain senators to a sort overland off-road hiking/ironman contest. In other words, from some point outside Washington, they would hike to the White House in a straight line, without going around anything. If they came up to a fence, they would climb over it. If they came to a stream, they would ford it. If they came to a house, they would climb over it. If true, I’m sure the senators declined.

He went camping in Yosemite with John Muir.

He was the first American (or at least one of the first) to earn a brown belt in judo. He also wrestled in college and had taken boxing lessons since his youth. It would not be a gross exaggeration to call him one of the first accomplished mixed martial artists in the USA.

Chased and caught a few boat thieves while roughing it out west.

Chuck Norris wears Teddy Roosevelt pajamas.

I think getting shot in the chest and then going on stage to deliver a stump speech is pretty high on the list.

When the doctors examined him later, they discovered that the bullet had lodged in his massive pectoral muscles! :eek:

It wasn’t unusal for him, as President, to go skinny-dipping in the Potomac…in November.

This is something that’s perfect! The rest of the suggestions are pretty good too. And yes, my closing slide is titled “Chuck Norris wears Theodore Roosevelt pajamas”.

And the file is named TRBAMFPOTUS.ppt - unfortunately, I can’t get away with actually putting the real title of my presentation in the slide show

Teddy Roosevelt’s pajamas would kick Chuck Norris’ ass.