Teemings Deadline

Just a reminder that the submission deadline for the next issue of Teemings is August 31st. We’ve got a pretty good line-up for this issue already, but we’re never adverse to adding new stuff as it comes in. One thing that we’d like to do is to break out of the strictly “literary” mode we’ve seem to hit and publish artwork as well. So, any artists out there … don’t be afraid to send in any scanned work you’d like to see published.

Beyond that, we won’t be looking for any new submissions until the February 2002 edition. We have a very special edition in the works for the December Holiday issue for which the line-up has already been set. Beyond saying that, I’ll just keep you in suspense. :wink: But that does give you plenty of time to polish up any jewels you have lying around before you send them in.

Um, I think I spend enough time polishing my jewels as it is…

Oh wow, fancy running into you here Euty. I thought you were still in the velveteen rub room. :smiley:

Hey … a guy’s gotta get some work done sometime or another!