Teemings Extras : Moderator Origins

Just for your information …

Fenris’ stories of “How Do You Become a Moderator” (originally posted in ATMB) have been added to the Teemings Extras. If you haven’t read them yet, do … they’re hilarious!

Teemings Extras

Also, be sure to stay tuned for the new regular issue of Teemings entitled “Wretched Entertainment at the Sign of the Trap” due out this Thursday!

Fenris -

Those are great! I cant get over the image of Uncle Beer with his underwear on the outside…

Thank you!

Fenris, you just got on my list of heroes.

And Euty, you just got moved up a notch, for making me aware of that. Thank you to both of yinz.


Oh, gracious. Those are hysterical!

Loved the way they were all done in a different style/voice. Fenris, you rock.

Where’s Alphagene?? Fenris promised us Alphagene!!