Where's Fenris?

The OP eater got him?

It’s a good thing I saved this. Hungry, Hungry Hamsters strike again.

Far be it from me to ever suggest anything about the need (or not) for moderators.
I do know something that the Board does need more of:

More Mod Origin Stories!
scroll down to “How do You Become a Moderator by Fenris”

So, will Fenris grace us with the real story behind xash’s visitation from the goddess Kali? What about John Corrado, P.I.?


Fenris is enjoying a ramble through Europe. He’s been kind enough to grace the UnaBoard with some posts from Italy, but I suppose the terminals in Italian internet cafes are not robust enough to handle this hamster-powered board.

Ah. Thanks for the info. Maybe when he gets back he might grace us.

Anyone else wanna take a shot at mod origin stories in the meantime?

First the mommy and daddy mod much love each other very much…oh, you mean their job!

Fenris won’t be coming back.

In his ramble he came face to face with an east-going Fenris.

They refuse to budge.

Even if the whole world stands still.