'Teemings' stories

I finally found Teemings, and am having a good time reading through it. Is this a valid place to ask questions/post comments on stories from it?

If so:

Sarah Has a Mommy and a Daddy: First, isn’t that pretty much the worse possible title for this story? Second, does anyone else see something wrong with this part: “…two daddies or two mommies or one mommy…”?

Watch Out for Falling Anvils: I’m a fan of both anvil firing and toons, and am convinced that anvil firing is the origin of that idea. The link would be even more concrete if there were playing cards in those early cartoons, but that would have made finding the history too easy. At the last anvil firing demo I saw they shot anvils to the 1812 Overture, using anvils where the cannons would be. (The anvils used were modified by Divis Pyrotechnics to be much safer, and fired by electric match. Still using black powder and playing cards, though.)

Somone Up There Likes Me: A great story. My favorite so far, but I’m only half through the third issue.

Last, how do they decide what poetry to run? I can do limericks and zinc haiku, but I have no idea how you’d decide that one poem is worth including but another isn’t.


Thanks for reading! Yes, this is the place for comments and questions, although you should be aware the Teemings is not an official arm of The Straight Dope. I’ll pass by your questions on the specific pieces you mentioned since they can probably best be answered by the specific authors, but I will hit on this :

Poetry is always a difficult thing to rate. I suppose the one requirement that we’d have would be the question, does it sing? Does it speak? I’m not sure I can explain it any better than that. It’s the difference between “I walked a road less travelled” and “Beans, beans, musical fruit.” I’m tempted to say it’s like the Supreme Court’s one-time stance on pornography : you can really explain it, but you know it when you see it.

Re: what poetry gets in, any talentless hack can catch a break by posting in the right thread;)

[sub]Lest anyone read malice in this, lemme assure you it’s referring to ME![/sub]

I’m kind of suprised that no one cares. The SMDB is usually fairly good about this sort of thing.

Anyway, I’m on the last issue. All of it has been quite impressive, and I’m contemplating submitting something if I ever get the other stuff I’m supposed to write written. I’m very impressed with the quality of the stuff submitted, and I’ve only spotted half a dozen errors per issue :wink:

Oh, and there are two issues numbered 9.

Ben, who isn’t spellchecking because Gaudere’s would get him anyway.

Those are Troy’s fault.


Hey, the only error I ever made was not finding out exactly what Eutychus meant when he said I’d be making the same salary he does.