Teemings : the All Bestiality Issue

Okay, no, not in a billion years.

But I would like to do something with a fill-in issue until we’re ready to start any serious literary work again. I think I’d like to put together a “greatest hits” type of issue. We’ve put out 14 issues so far, plus the assortment of posts that we’ve culled for the “Extras.” I’d like to know what pieces are your favorites and why. This will allow us to do two things : first, it will show the authors what you liked and why. Secondly, it will prove to us that it’s really being read and appreciated and give us the will to live. :wink:

So, if something in either “Teemings”, “Teemings Extras”, or the special edition we did “In the Wake of the Fire” has touched you, make you think, made you laugh, made you cry, made you feel, drop me a line. tell me what article and why it impressed you so much. We’ll try to compile them all for a fill in issue come the end of January.

What a cruel hoax. For a second there…

A hankering for Goat Porn, Scylla?

Hey it may have been interesting… articles about Furries and such :smiley:

Dang. I was looking forward to editing that. :smiley:

I predict this thread will get the most views and the least responses ever.

You don’t have to stoop so low, Eutychus.
Just get some lady (and I use the term loosely) who posed for Maxim to play the part of first officer.

I love this place!!

My nominated favorite shall be dispatched forthwith. Then I’ll have to re-read and pick out a couple more. We’ve had some great stuff written by some clever and talented folkses.

And I was serious in the other thread - if there’s anything I can do to help with Teemings…

Misleading thread title! :mad: Bah, I’m reporting this thread to a moderator.

Oh wait…

Dear New England Farmer,

I am a petite blonde 34-24-32 and green eyes. I never thought this would happen to me but…

You know, the first time I saw that sticky by MEBuckner in Great Debates I thought it said “Please use deceptive thread titles.”

For all you crestfallen critter lovers Scylla has hijacked my gay gunslinger thread into one on cattle sodomy. Knock yourselves out.

I checked this thread, but only to make sure I wouldn’t have to report it, I swear

Hey! Where are the sheep at?

Ha! Now that I’ve lured you all in here, let’s have a nice earnest discussion of the Ontological Proof of the Existence of God.

Oh, please. All logic is ultimately based on our observations of the physical world. Logic is therefore determined by science. If something is logically consistent, but disproved in the lab, it is invalid. Either the god predicted by the OP (Ont. proof, not original post) is observable, or it isn’t. If it isn’t observable, then it has no effect on reality. If it is observable, then we should have some experimental proof. We don’t. Therefore, the ontological argument is bogus.

And I think Maid Marian in the animated Robin Hood was hot.

I think that falls under the heading of “furry fetish” rather than bestiality but now that you mention it she was a cute little fox.

Say what? Is that a crack about the sheep?

Just giving this a quick :: bump :: I’ve only receieved one reply so far. Is anyone else still interested in this?

Can we do an all-“Ontological Proof of the Existence of God” issue, once the Bestiality issue is done?