Teen electrocuted while spray painting electrical substation

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Yes, it’s sad that this guy was hurt so bad (3rd degree burns on 50-70% of his body), but it’s still pretty awesome.

No kidding?

Why would you tag the inside of the box? How many people are going to see that, maybe two or three a year?

*Nitpick: * he is apparently still alive, therefore not quite “electrocuted.”

Patiently awaiting the follow-up story describing the man’s multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the electric company for failing to prevent him from jumping the fence and tagging the substation.

If you believe in a merciful Darwin, the accident will sterilize him without killing.

This is the really sad part. I’m betting there’s no insurance, a long and painful recovery, the utility company has deep pockets – so they get vandalized *and * raped.

So what do we call it when you don’t die from it? (You’re right…I’m just wondering what word we’re supposed to use). “Shocked” doesn’t have quite the punch I’m looking for.

I didn’t realize electrocution necessarily resulted in death. I’ll be darned.

Electrocution, execution, I guess. I think electrocuted works better than “got shocked the crap out of” myself.

It doesn’t, does it? Isn’t that why death sentences for the electric chair now have to specify “electrocuted until dead?”

I thought the substation refered to the vicinity, which could have one or several junction boxes.

Which doesn’t make the dude any brighter.

Well, he was a bit brighter as the amps coursed through him. Nearly incandescent.

“Electrocute” is one of those words which, through constant misuse, is starting to mean something it didn’t mean to begin with: that is, injury by electricity, not necessarily death. It was originally a portmanteau of electricity and execute, meaning death by electricity.

Learn something new every day; kind of like you haven’t “drowned” unless you’ve passed out, I guess.

Just to make it official, according to webster:

Main Entry: elec·tro·cute
1 : to execute (a criminal) by electricity
2 : to kill by electric shock
— elec·tro·cu·tion -ˌlek-trə-ˈkyü-shən\ noun

I also was not aware you needed to die to be electrocuted. Even using a thesaurus I could not find a better word for really big shock.

Depending on the degree of burns, 70% is often a death sentence.

No sympathy for this idiot. I hope if he sues the jury laughs him out of court. I hate taggers anyway. This just made me smile.

I guess they could have had a warning sign posted. Someone would probably have painted it over with graffiti or something, though.
Oh wait…

And even though juries aren’t supposed to consider insurance coverage, they will know the utility company is covered, so this stupid vandal will probably get a hefty payout. Which does nothing to deter future Darwin Award candidates.

Burns are painful. Really, really, painful. I hope this kid considers his “art” worth it. Idiot. :rolleyes:

Actually, you haven’t drowned unless you have died.

I hope electrocution’s meaning doesn’t become changed by people using it in a new and different way. And I hope drown doesn’t change either.

From AskOxford.com


• verb: injure or kill by electric shock.

— DERIVATIVES electrocution noun.

Sad, but true.