Teen planned to go Columbine at his school in California...

Link: http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/01/30/campus.bombs.02/index.html

Police were tipped when a photo clerk saw the student with his bomb stash in some photos she developed. Hope she doesn’t work at Wal-Mart. Warning, Pit thread.


WTG Ms. Photo-clerk. I am GLAD there are people like yourself that inhabit this great country.

/rude moron student. I am ashamed $#&^*@ like you inhabit this country.

This all happened like, in my backyard and stuff. I can almost see DeAnza College out my window. And the neighborhood he lives in is a few blocks away.

Scary shit. Never trust those editor-in-chief types. :wink:

Just shows that he was an idiot. What kind of maniac gets photos developed at Freaking LONGS? If he had any brains he could pulled it off.

All I can say is damn. Some people have serious issues. I’m kinda glad that I live in really really small town US where nothing ever happens, although we had our share of bomb threats when the whole Columbine incident happened. For real though some people are shit heads. I’d go into a long winded speach about what I think they should do to this kid but I digress I’d rather not waste my time on him.

[crotchety, old curmudgeon request]Hey, I don’t want to be the hideous, sensitive ass here but can we please not use the word Columbine as a verb?

It only does two things–picks the scab that is trying to heal and elevated what happened to a higher status than it deserves.

I am not one of those offended people–it doesn’t offend me. It just doesn’t need to be done. [/crotchety, old curmudgeon request]

Whoops! My humblest apologies evilbeth while I think it’s my post your talking about I’m not exactly sure. I mean looking back at my post yeah it can be taken that way with relative ease although I didn’t mean it that way. Still I apologize.

Psst, Tiki, she means the thread title. S’okay, man, you can stop apologizing now. :wink:

Ahhh hell it’s been one of those nights at work. Now looking at it I feel like a big dumbass but not in a bad way but more like in a big funny laughable way. Or it could just be my lack of ummm uhhh damn SHIT I cannot think my brain hurts. I’m gonna go lie down in the corner

Tiki, Rasa is correct–I meant the OP. Everything will be okay! You are fine! Things are good!


I knew someone was going to say that.


Hey, I’m not trying to be a language officer here. It just lends some sort of extra credibility to the word that it doesn’t deserve. Besides, who the hell am I?

Holy crap. That is some freaky scarey stuff. Ever notice tho that the neighbors etc never ever notice anything out of the ordinary? Its always “He was such a good kid.” “He was such a nice boy.” or in the current situation “He was a choir boy.” Just once I’d like to see someone come out and say “Doesn’t surprise me in the least. I knew he was f’d up from the first time I laid eyes on him.”

Some stunning ignorance fighting there Vis :smiley:

The police say this kid had a whole roomful of explosives, and still lived in his parents’ home. The Columbine kids were building bombs in their garages. Now, I know I’m not a parent and cannot speak from experience, but WHAT’S UP WITH THEIR PARENTS? If I, at age 16, decided to build myself an arsenal, my dad would have been on me like a duck on a June bug. What happened to parents having eyes on the back of their heads?

Yeah if the parents aren’t going to control these kids and stop them from making pipe bombs, it’s time for the government to step in and pass some laws making it illegal for juveniles to purchase or possess pipe. If that doesn’t work, national registration of pipe purchases and a three day waiting period is called for.

Diver, you summed up my thoughts exactly!

If kids want to get something done without their parents knowing, it is entirely possible, and usually easy.

This being the problem.

But his Dad wanted to respect his privacy which apparently means never, ever, ever, ever looking in, walking past, going in, or speaking with your son in his room, ever, ever.


Feh, the heck with this; my kid’s gonna think he’s living in 1984 (the book, not the year). I mean, I’ll respect his privacy and all, but I’m still going to look after his best interests. And blowing up schools, drugs, and things of this sort aren’t in his best interests. Parents sure have some interesting priorities these days… :rolleyes: