Teen to Santa: "Gimme what I want or you're dead meat!"

My paraphrase. Actually, in addition to threatening to kill Santa, she also threatened to kill his reindeer and feed them to the homeless if she didn’t get what she wants for Christmas: “Teen writes death threat to Santa.”

And how did her mum react? by committing to try to get everything on the list, of course.

Justin, if you’re reading this, be very afraid.

If she gets Justin Bieber for Christmas, then she’ll get what she deserves for threatening Santa :smiley:

I wonder how this got into the news though. I don’t mean, why was it deemed newsworthy - what I mean is how does somebody’s letter to santa become known outside the immediate family. In other words, I am not taking this story at face value.

Welcome to the Daily Mail.

If she is giving the reindeer meat to the homeless then she has discovered the real meaning of xmas… or something like that.

I also second the comment indicating the world of the Daily Mail. ( now I have to go wash my hands for actually typing the name of that rag!)

She’s 13 and still believes in Santa?:eek::confused:

That’s why I find the letter “news” silly. That might make a good poll, at what age did you find there is no Santa? I was not quite five.:frowning:

Is it unheard of in Britain to put them in the real mail? I mean, my local paper always has a large list of letters from Santa reprinted, and I’m pretty sure they get them from the local post office–anything addressed to Santa winds up there.

And let’s not even get into Canada and postal code H0H0H0.

At least she’s not threatening to kill Justin Bieber if she doesn’t get the real Santa.

I can’t be the only one who thinks the letter sounds like a joke?

I’m pretty sure a letter like that will get you on the naughty list, so the balance of the universe is preserved.

Tangentially relevant amusing link
(NSFW - swearing)

Nope, you can’t eat reindeer either, it destroys the magic of christmas, too.

Gotta love the Daily Fail. (see, I avoided typing the name ;))


The reindeer live a freer life and have more space than any tamed animal I know of. I would have thought that any animal rights group would say: don’t eat meat but if you have to, at least eat as much reindeer as possible.

I wouldn’t advise eating Rudolph’s nose; the light-emitting chemicals are probably poisonous.

It sounds quite tongue-in-cheek to me too. The tone is light-hearted and funny.

Yeah, she actually sounds like a pretty funny kid.

Five bucks and a potato sack. Santa’s safe for another year!