Ho, Ho, Ho!

Merry Christmas! Please post your happy Christmas thoughts here in this thread.
“HO, HO, HO!” :::belly jiggling:::


I’ve been good and following the Cowboy Way. Can I have those second chances I asked you for?

<center>Ranger Jeff
*The Idol of American Youth *
Riders In The Sky

Ho, Ho, Ho…
I saw what you did with those steer out on the range. Maybe next year!

:: sigh ::

Ranger Jeff
*The Idol of American Youth *
Riders In The Sky

Aw Santa, that’s why he NEEDS those second chances. Please?


Ho, ho, ho…
I am a good and kind Santa. One more chance, Ranger Jeff! Now come sit on my knee and tell me what you want for Christmas.
:::pats his lap:::


:: sitting on Santa’s knee ::

Like I said, I’d like some second chances and a couple do overs if you can spare them.

Ranger Jeff
*The Idol of American Youth *
Riders In The Sky

::tugging at Santa’s fake beard to figure out who’s in costume::

Ah, Santa, Jeff’s too busy entertaining the ladies & eating lasagna to be the guy you saw out with those steers.

Sue from El Paso

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Ho, ho, ho…
You’ve been a pretty good boy all in all. Stay away from those steers and you can have your do overs. Make the best of them and Meeeeery Christmas!

Well Santa

I would like
-a piece of the action
-a slice of the pie
-a foolproof plan (not including fools)
-a jackpot (and no not that stupid pot you had all the elves jack off into…we had to replace the carpet because it tipped over
-a tisket
-a tasket (Large please)
-a green and yellow basket (hard to carry those tiskets yknow)
-non chapping chaps
-a glass of hot fat and the head of Alfredo Garcia
-orgasms when I sneeze

I have been a good boy. I have treated my slave right, oiled the cat and brushed the car daily

Thank yew

I wanna Red Ryder BB gun!

Santa, I want to know why you tried to feel up one of my friends while she was on your lap.

I want a new drug.

Don’t be silly. You’d shoot your eye out!

Lex Non Favet Delicatorum Votis

Are you calling me a “ho”?

Look you raggedy-assed, bandy legged freak that hangs with a bunch of obviously gay short men and decked out sheep, I don’t appreciate this kind of attack! You god damn twisted little chimney sweeping shit! You pop up and kiss my mother I’m going to deck your fucking halls, that’s for sure! Why you snot-nosed, pedophile little twit! I’ve never been so insulted in my life! Gee, the NERVE of some people!


I want it all. Then I can pick out the stuff I want to keep and return the rest to WalMart for credit on Monday.

Thats no way to talk to yer pal Santa!


I want . . .

one BILLION dollars IN GOLD!

I don’t want much, only . . .

one BILLION dollars IN GOLD!

Since many are scared shitless of you, I shall act as the clearinghouse for their X-mass wishes:

kelli - want to live in Chicago (so she can go to a Doper get-together.
Sanibelman - sex.
UncleBeer - a cold draft Pabst.
Uke Ike - UncleBeer’s Pabst.
Doc Jackson - the respect he deserves.
Satan - a road trip (complete with tour T-shirts)
Ayesha - Thanks. She got hers with no more shots.
Bj0rn - a command of the English language.
GuanoLad - A DC Comix contract for Pigeon Man.
Nickrz - a replacement moderator.
Michelle - the anonymity she craves.
Melin - a spanking.
Da Squirrel Cub - a felching (joking of course, big guy!)
Heath Dools - a thread in which he can post the lyrics to “Ring Around the Rosie” making him look witty, wise and an all-around sex machine at the same time.