Teenage girls hiding hands

I am not sure I buy this girls feel cold more than boys theory. Looking at the girls walking down the street, many have short skirts, exposed midriffs, bare arms and cleavage - and its the middle of winter. Not that I’m complaining mind you

But that doesn’t mean we’re not cold! It’s all for the look! It’s fashion! Just like the shoes I wore to the formal this weekend. I have blisters, but damn did I look good! :slight_smile:

I think part of it may also be just the “need” to do something with your hands - I wear a lot of rings,a nd play with them constantly, but when I don’t have them on, it’s likely that I’m fiddling with the pin on my purse or stuffing my hands into the sleeves of my sweaters. And for warmth. I do get cold sometimes, mostly in my feet and hands, and I know other girls (and women) who are the same way. Why else do you think I cuddle up to my SO so much at night? He’s warm. I’m not. :slight_smile:

I’m old enough to be her… um, much older sister and I remember doing it when she was probably still in elementary school.

Oops! I meant to add that for me sleeves always seemed to be too long in ready to wear. Unless it was a sweater my grandmother made to fit me or I made the dress myself, the sleeves were always too long and I tended to tuck my hands in them too, particularly if it was cold.

I do it because I am cold and don’t feel like putting gloves on. I’m cold a lot and doing a lot of stuff, like taking notes, is hard with gloves on. So, hands in the sleeves for me. :slight_smile:

i totally do that whenever i have a sweatshirt on, and i’m 17 and a girl. i think it’s a combination of cold hands, the cuffs on the sweatshirt bothering my wrists, and nervousness. if i’m walking without carrying any books at school or without my purse to fidget with, i get self conscious and need to do something with my hands. since this is a teenage girl thing, apparantly, maybe the whole awkward arms syndrome will disappear when i get older. i’m with Breezy about needing to do something with my hands; i’ll drink a whole bottle of water in like 10 minutes when i’m not even thirsty just because it’s there, in my hands. i have said before that that is the primary reason why i shouldn’t take up drinking. i would be smashed in no time. but then i would throw up and that would probably take away from the “needing to do something with my arms/hands” problem.

Don’t feel bad jane - I do it too and I’m 32:D I think I do it because there is some kind of wierd comfort involved in it and IMO I’ve always thought that a woman’s hands look sexy or mysterious when halfway covered over the wrists by sleeves.

I was a tall teen (I’m 32 now and still a tall one) with very long arms. I would buy men’s sweaters in 3X that would bag around my thin torso, just so I could have sleeves that were longer than my arms. This made me feel less freakish, and much smaller than I really was. To this day, I can’t find clothing in my size that doesn’t end up halfway up my forearms, so I continue to buy oversized clothes, just for sleeve length.

First of all, its kind of just the style. It also gives off an attractive vibe like cuddling under a blanket. It makes the girl seem more petite, and so they did it. I don’t know how this started, but it’s still going on today. And with elementary students too.

I occasionally do this without thinking about it. One issue is that chest hair can sometimes be itchy. Men can also be self-conscious of how their pectoral muscles look.

Everyone is attracted to boobs, be they soft and feminine or strong and manly.

Short pudgy woman here. I do it whenever I am wearing long sleeves just because that’s how they naturally fall. If I’m cold, I’ll stick each hand in the opposite sleeve to warm up

For me, it’s definitely not about fashion

I didn’t used to, though it might have looked that way because sleeves were longer than my arms. Now I do so because otherwise my fingers turn a cold, dead white if I don’t keep them warm.

ETA: whoops, didn’t see those were zombie hands.

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So I did a Google-image search for /girls hiding hands/ and got exactly zero hits. “Did you mean /girls hiding face in hands?” There are lots of those. Quick, take a picture of a girl hiding her hands – sell it to Getty – they don’t have one.