The boob factor...whats up with them?

I was in the mall Sunday shoping for a b-day gift. I was just minding my own business when I noticed a gaggle of girls (17-19) standing in front of Pacific Sun. Then it hit me…holy crap these girls all have some serious boobage! I mean everyone one of em had chests poping out of their shirts, or straining to pop out!

As with most things, once you notice something you cant stop noticing it. I started realizing every young woman/girl I saw had large boobs! And these weren’t large women, most of them were tiny, thin, types…and they all had (what I thought) were overly large boobs. I thought I had gone to another dimension!!

Now, im a guy, and I like a nice pair of boobs as much as the next guy…but holy cow. What the hell happened? They didnt grow em like that when I was a teenager. Is it the new bras? Hormones in the milk? Something in the air?

Now dont get me wrong…im not some sicko staring at teenage girls chests all day. Something just seemed to “hit” me, and I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Well at least I am hoping im not a sicko…lol…can someone back me up on this, or is it just me??

I have noticed a sudden porking-up of the girls around campus. I have two explanations: 1) embrace of padded/push-up undergarments. Suddenly, it’s hard to find a bra that doesn’t stand up without anything inside it. 2) a fashion for showing off fat stomachs and flabby cleavage. I haven’t the foggiest idea where this came from, think it’s icky, and will not be doing it myself.

Maybe it’s just tighter, skimpier clothes.

Most tiny, thin girls do not have naturally large breasts. Every girl of this build that I’ve ever known seen rarely went beyond a b-cup. You can probably bet the girls you saw had enhancements, either padded or surgical.

[sub]…checks Mapquest for directions to Virginia…[/sub] :slight_smile:

Hormones used in all the cattle has been mentioned before. We’re treading into tinfoil hat territory here so take this with a huge grain of salt. IIRC they’re maturing at a younger age then they used to. Hopefully another Doper will shed some more light.

There’s an article in today’s Washington Post concerning this very issue. The Post requires you to register, but does not charge for access to the site.

To summarize the article - younger and younger women are getting boob jobs. Many now get them as graduation presents between high school and colllege.

I agree with plnnr. Can’t remember where and so do not have a cite to offer, but have read in more than one story that plastic surgery is becoming more and more a teen thing. :frowning:

I hope it is just the Wonder Bras though! :slight_smile:

There’s also “cleavage-enhancing” bras available now - and you evidently don’t need much of a cleavage on the “before” picture to have mondo gazongas in the “after” picture.
I’ve seen them and quite frankly some of those things would qualify for a B or C cup just on their own stuffing! Plop a pair of B-cup knockers into one of these babies and you’ve got an instant pair of D-cup lookalikes. Seriously.

The boob job thing doesn’t explain things where I teach. Median income is about 16 thou for a family of four so these girls are lucky to afford bras, much less surgery.

I was wondering about this myself because there certainly wasn’t such an abundance of boobage when I was in high school. Then I walked into Target and noticed how all the tops they were displaying seemed pre-filled. I just plain asked my students and it seems everyone wears them padded and push up to boot. We probably notice them more because it’s much more acceptable to put them on display these days, I bet.

I, for one, welcome our new mammarially gifted overlords. :slight_smile:

I really think it’s:

  1. The prevalence of padded, push-up, cleavage-enhancing bras. Have you been to Victoria’s Secret lately? That’s all they have nowadays, which makes it hard for me to find a bra because I like 'em unpadded, unlined and no seams.

  2. The prevalence of tight clothes. The teeny-boppers these days are wearing their clothes really, really tight. Just go to Abercrombie & Fitch (puke) and look at their stuff. The t-shirts look like they’re made for a 3-year-old, but really, they’re made so small so they’re extra tight.

It occurred to me recently that the tight clothes fad really is a more recent thing. As I was watching Beverly Hills 90210 reruns one boring day, I noticed that most of the girls wore baggier clothes, even though they were skinny. I’ve noticed the same thing with other shows from the late 80s and early 90s. I graduated high school in 1993, and we NEVER wore clothes as tight as you see them now.

You think this is interesting? Wait until you see what I do with the other two wishes… :smiley:

Tight clothes on chubby girls=the illusion of large breasts. If the nice rack comes with a spare tire, it ain’t so nice after all. :smiley:

hahahaah! thanks for the good laugh!

im glad to see, also, that I was not alone in noticing what we can henceforth call the “New Century Boob Explosion” or NCBE. Im tempted to ask my wife if she has noticed, but im sure it would turn into a “why are you checking out teenage boob” discussion. So thanks for the backup!

The milk hormone angle has been debunked. I mean, just think it through. EATING cow hormones (made for cows) isn’t going to work on humans.
And anyhow, milk isn’t all that common a drink for your typical teenager.
I bet it’s a clothing issue than a physical issue. Girls aren’t maturting any faster IMO but they are wearing less and flaunting more. My GF is a healthy B but looks much larger in a slighly padded bra with “lift” and a tight shirt.
Just remember, the 14-16 year old girls you’re noticing would be barefoot and pregnant 100 years ago and nursing 5 kids. Boobs on teenagers has always been the norm.

Yes, the Golden Age of Grunge. I remember wearing my boyfriend’s clothing.

I’m not nearly as squicked by the boobage as by the backfat spilling out from too-tight too-low jeans.

I can’t understand how other women can wear those super-pushups all day. I can hardly stand to wear one for an hour (and I don’t even have that much to push up).

Roger, our next door neighbor (a divorced fella) recently had his teenage daughters move in with him.

The elder of the two (maybe sixteen years old?) is quite …um well… let’s just say “gifted” with an abundance of curves.

Now, I likes women to be curvy. Nice wide hips, rounded bottom and full cleavage definitely get my attention.

Notice, I said women.

Well, said teenage daughter, on the very day she moved in with her pop, bounded out of the passenger side of their car wearing a tight top, mini-skirt that I could swear doubled as a belt, no shoes and a big ol’ smile and wave to me.

Gah! :eek:

I immeditately went into the house and informed my wife that I thought Roger’s daughter was trying to corrupt me.

GrizzWife thinks I’m turning into the letch next door.

A few weeks ago, the same gal is standing at the end of the driveway next door with two of her girlfriends. They’re waiting for a friend to come pick them up. GrizzCub and I are busying ourselves with some yardwork.
Suddenly, they all start shrieking. Seems as if a bee was bothering them and managed to fly down the shirt of Roger’s daughter.
She pulled her tee-shirt away from her chest and leaned forward (right in my direction, of course) and began twisting her torso to loose the bee from the confines of her bra.
Needless to say, I picked that exact moment to look their direction and could see far more then I probably should have. I put my rake and hedge trimmers down and went in immediately to my wife to tattle that she again was trying to corrupt me.

She barely could contain her eyeroll. :rolleyes:

Here’s a direct link. The story is four pages long, but well worth the read.

A study on whether or not the “boob explosion” is related to push-up padded bras or just big boobs (surgically enhanced or otherwise) would clarify this whole discussion.

But it would require someone spend hour upon hour scrutinizing boobs, a thankless job no one will want.

:smack: I forgot about that half of the population!

  1. Women are bigger - not necessarily fatter, just bigger - than we’ve ever been before, and getting bigger with every generation.
  2. Some girls are just very early developers. I was wearing a bra at 11, and by 12 had developed the sort of curves that make nice men uneasy, and not-so-nice men - well, lets just say it’s not pleasant being leered at by guys old enough to be your father, especially when you’re not even in your teens. Which is why it makes me sad to see very young girls in skimpy outfits. Of course, they are going to want to wear what’s fashionable, but very few of them are mentally equipped to cope with the attention it’s going to get them.