Teenagers and earrings.

Ok, so I’m 13 and I really want a earring. What kind should get? I’m tan and my face is sort of long. What color and/or style should I get and most importantly, which side because I’m not gay?:confused:

You know you can change earrings like you change your clothes? When you first get it done (if it’s by a legitimate vendor) it’ll probably be a quality metal stud. I don’t know which side denotes gay or straight - I have two holes in my right ear and one in my left. Are you sure you don’t want to do both ears? It’s so pretty (but maybe you want to be edgy).

True. I could change the earring when I want…about the both sides…yeah, I think I prefer just one. Maybe I’ll change mind, #IDK
Oh, and Thanks Zago for the response, I didn’t think anyone would answer. :slight_smile:

Well, “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey”. Your right ear. Most certainly.

I don’t think the earring-side-sexuality thing has had any meaning for 15 or 20 years, now.

Well, I think it would be safer to put it on the left, no?

You probably have the same chance of infection in either ear. I suppose that there might be a slightly lower chance of it catching on something and pulling out of the lobe in the left ear, though. Assuming you’re right-handed.

It really, really doesn’t mean anything nowadays. A lot of men have two earrings, anyway!

I agree, no one even knows which side meant gay or straight anymore. If I were you, I’d decide which side of my face was prettier and have the piercing on that side.

Hah, I sure my left is the same as my right. I’ll check…hey! My left is better after all!

It’s a fact - your face isn’t symmetrical - if it was that would be a freak of nature. I wish I could think of an experiment that would prove this to you but I can’t. Trust me, you look slightly different right to left and one side is usually better - haven’t you heard of celebrities insisting they be photographed on their good side?

That means I should go left. Now which style and/or color should I get?

Well, to start off with, you should have a pure gold or surgical steel stud inserted (a professional will insert the earing at the same time as the piercing). After that - go crazy shopping! You can’t try on pierced earrings for health reasons but you can use common sense. If you have a long face then studs are probably a better choice. If you have dark skin, consider a ruby color or a pearl which would stand out. Gold is also a good choice for dark skin - I’d stay away from silver, it’s just look ashey. Good luck sweetie!

Left is right, right is wrong.

That was the reasoning circa 1985 when I pierced my left ear.

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Well, for one data point we have Mr. Clean (Maestro Limpio en México y Puerto Rico), who appeared in 1958, and wore a single ear ring on the left ear.

Definitely get both ears done. Do you ever see kids with just one? I don’t.

You can use a folding mirror slightly folded, and reflect yourself across the corner crease. If you do it right, the mirror will reflect it’s own reflection of half your face, showing you what that half looks like if the face was symmetrical.

Now it just means whether you’re People or Folk.

I’m a gay man who has only one pierced ear. I don’t always wear an ear ring in it (though I am now).

Guess what? It’s my left ear!!

Don’t worry though, I was already gay before I got my left ear pierced. It’s not like it turned me gay or anything.

However… it also didn’t turn me straight. Hmmmm. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.