Teeth and throat pain

So for a few days now I have this weird pain, first it was a sharp pain in all lower teeth on the right side and it was happening only at night when I wanted to sleep (as far as I understood, that’s because the teeth are more sensitive in the lying down position), after that it started happening during the day as well (not constantly, but for example every half hour, hour it appears, stays for a few minutes and goes away) and yesterday I started feeling a pain in my throat as well (upper right side) and when the pain in the teeth happens, the pain in the throat does as well, so they are connected.

When I tried to google that, I came up with results for a sinus infection, but that would also mean that my nose is runny, but it isn’t, I can breath perfectly normally, also another result mentioned pain in the ear as well in addition to the ones I mentioned, but my ear is fine, so what could it be, throat pain of some sort or…? And how long will it last probably?

I should also mention that I am not a smoker or anything, I didn’t go out in the cold and stuff like that, so I really have no idea what it is. I will wait for a day or two and go to the doctor if the pain stays.

The first two things I thought of were Sinus Infection and Wisdom Teeth.

Does a sinus infection really mean you’d have a runny nose? That’s news to me.

I used to get sinus infections and sore throats all of the time, until I had my wisdom teeth out.

I don’t know how one caused the other, but apparently there was a correlation.

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I have a condition that starts in my chest and then slowly moves north to my throat and eventually to a dull ache in my teeth. I seem to keep it under control with Prilosec, but not always. My heart has been ruled out. I’ve been getting this for over 30 years. I may go months with nothing then I might get it daily for nearly a week.

I get something like this off and on, especially prone. I’ve been told it’s a type of acid reflux. OP, might be worth checking out. Try slowly sipping a few ounces of milk when it happens and see if it helps.

Dentist here, pain that changes with horizontal or vertical position in the upper teeth is very often a sign of sinus infection. Sinus infections don’t generally affect the lower teeth as there is no sinus in the lower jaw. There can be refered pain since the upper and lower teeth are connected to branches of the same nerve. With pain now into throat my first thought would be wisdom tooth abcess. Since it has been a few days and is getting worse, I’d say see your dentist v. googling and straight dope.

I had what I think is “wandering flu” (Is there such a thing?) a few months ago. Some virus got me, and my immune system kept chasing it around my body. It was in my left teeth for a while for a week or two, and them it was in my right knee, which I never noticed unless I was going down stairs, and my knee felt like it was going to give out. But after a week or so, that went away, too, and my pain migrated to somewhere else, I can’r remember now. But finally my immune system won and I’m perfectly fine now.

You’re right about teeth and position. I think gravity has something to do with it. If I have discomfort in my teeth (I have a damaged nerve from an extraction), it only comes at night, and I can sit up and it goes away.

You seem to have (albeit on your own) a sinus infection. Though I want to add that a sinus infection doesn’t require a runny nose. However, I would ask if you have heartburn. Anytime someone mentions acute asthma, teeth/jaw pain or sometimes even upper back pain, I always ask them if they have heartburn*. If they do (and assuming it’s not an obvious case of a cavity or heart attack etc), I suggest that they deal with the heartburn* first as that can cause your teeth to hurt and your asthma to flair up.

See! Teeth pain remedied by prilosec, as I was saying teethpain probably a symptom of heart burn*.

I’m sure you can find it online, I’m not sure how common it is, but as a lifelong heartburn*, I can tell you that some of the times that it’s really bad, my jaw will ache as well, not always, but it’s not unheard of. I also have a cousin that went to the doctor with back pain, which ended up being a symptom of heart burn. No idea, but my WAG is that there’s either inflamation causing the other issues because they’re physically close or it’s a nerve (possible referred pain) issue, but I really don’t know.

*Before anyone jumps on me, I’m using ‘heart burn’ as the generic term for heart burn, GERD, acid reflux etc as I really don’t know the subtle difference between all of them.

PS, you might also just have a cavity or other dental issue that’s bugging you when you’re laying down, though heartburn is known to be worse when you’re horizontal.