Why does my throat hurt only at night?

About 2 weeks ago I caught either a cold or the flu. My eyes were dry, and in the morning they’d be stuck closed, with eye boogers along my lashes. My throat hurt at night, and I had a nasty cough. I feel better now, and my eyes are fine, but at night my throat hurts a lot. It’s completely fine in the daytime.

A few days after I got sick I flew, and upon landing I had “altitude ears” so I closed my nose and blew, and I my left ear popped painfully, and I knew I’d have an ear infection. I did, it lasted for a few days, now it’s fine, but I’m wondering if it may have something to do with my throat.

I can’t remember being sick for this long anytime in my life. I don’t have medical insurance, so I’m leery of going to the hospital, but if it gets much more painful I’m probably going to. Any doctors in the house?

It sounds to me like you still have a bit of a cold in your sinuses and they are still draining. During the day they drain and your throat deals with it fine because you are awake to deal with it. At night, they drain and because you are not awake to deal with it, all that gunk collects in your throat and you get a sore throat. When you wake up, you clear out all the crap that collected in your throat and your throat gets better during the day, then the cycle repeats itself.

I had the same thing happen to me when I had chronic sinus infections. It’s a horrible thing to go through. I would consider taking some Sudafed or some other decongestant before going to bed and see if that helps.

Do this until is clears up.
If it doesn’t clear up, then go see your regular doctor.
If the doctor can’t get you clearned up, go see an Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT) doctor.

I hope you get better soon. Sinus problems are awful.

What exactly do you mean when you say your throat hurts only at night?

a) It hurts at the end of the day, when you are most tired?
b) It begins to hurt when you first go to bed?
c) During the night, you awaken (or rouse from a half-doze) and you realize your throat is hurting?
d) something entirely different?

Also, it seems as if you’re saying that your eye and ear problems have cleared up, and your sore throat and cough sound like they’re only at night, so it’s not clear to me why you are so miserable. What are your daytime symptoms?

In re the sore throat only at night (the most interesting symptom): What medications are you taking, and on what schedule. Do you sleep alone, and if not, does your partner report that you snore? (If so, is new new or recently worse?) Do you smoke, and if so, do you smoke menthols)?

There are many other questions I could ask, but I’m staying home sick myself today, so I’ll just ask you to provide as much detail as you can.

Is your nose feeling clogged? I would be willing to bet that you’ve started sleeping with your mouth open since it’s probably more difficult to breath through your nose. It happens to me everytime I get sick. The sore throat goes away during the day since you’re swallowing more and drinking liquids. Is your house or apartment dry due heating, particularly gas? (hmmm, the new board doesn’t show where the poster is from so I can’t tell if you’re up north) The way my gas heat sucks the moisture from my apartment really aggravates my throat. A cheap solution would be to get a good humidifier and keep it near your bed. My humidifier has made a tremendous improvement in my recovery times when I do get sick. Try it for a couple of days. If your throat still hurts, I think you need to scrape up some funds and try to find an inexpensive clinic.

> Is your nose feeling clogged?

No, I’ve been breathing through my nose.

I’ve woken up several times at around 2am or so and found my throat to be hurting badly. I’m not taking any medication, and I don’t smoke tobacco, though I do occasionally smoke weed. I live in Florida for the winter, in a tent, and the nights have been cold the past few days, but it’s been warmer on other nights that my throat has been bothering me, and I’m pretty much inside of my sleeping bag anyway, so I’m not really breathing in very cold air, though the cold might have something to do with it.

My throat is still a bit sore right now, and I’m trying to take it easy and rest. If it’s as bad tonight, I’ll definitely go to the hospital, but I’ll try Sudafed or something first…I’ve also had vitamin C recommended by many people - will this do any good, or harm?

What’s the air like? I find really dry air irritates my throat, even when not sick.

Also, have you tried sitting up? If you’re laying down when you sleep, all that sinus gunk just sort of builds up in your throat/nose/head. If you try to sleep sitting up, it’ll help keep it draining.

IANAD; this is just my personal experience.

Hmmm, if you live in Florida and it’s cold, you must be in North Florida where it’s mondo humid (I’m originally from Gainesville) so I bet the dryness isn’t the problem. And breathing inside your sleeping bag will increase the moisture anyway.
Vitamin C couldn’t hurt since it’s a water soluble vitamin and any excess will just be flushed out of the body but I thought I had read that it’s effectiveness as a cold fighter had been disproven. Don’t have a cite tho’. Definitely see a doctor to make sure it’s not somethign nasty like strep throat if it doesn’t clear up.

Is it possible you are allergic to something in your nighttime environment? Sleeping outdoors or in a down sleeping bag or a sleeping bag or tent with mold/mildew could all cause allergies. Allegies cause the same kind of sinus drainage to the back of the throat as other posters have described. If it is allergies, Benadryl in addition to Sudafed (or generic equivalents) are over the counter remedies that should help.

With my allergies I know there is no way I could sleep in a tent and sleeping bag in Florida without taking medication.