Telco Mailing Lists, Visa Cards

Our second phone line has been in the phone book as ‘Eric Black, Fax Line’ for a few years now. There actually is a fax machine on this line (along with the 'puter), and it gets in a stunning number of junk faxes - can you say ‘they’re selling customized lists?’. Thought you could, but that’s not the topic here.

An interesting piece of mail arrived today - a pre-approved Visa application, just sign down there in the space provided and return it in the handy postage paid envelope. Thing is, it’s addressed to ‘Eric Fax, Line Black’. I’ve gotten mail in the past addressed to ‘Eric Fax Line Black’ but for some reason, the new variation has struck my fancy. There doesn’t appear to be a catch - no annual or sign up fees, blah blah; so I think I’m going to sign and return this one. My signature is essentially illegible now (years and years of practice), so they can’t really match it to anything, let’s see what happens.

I’ll let you know what name is actually on the card once it shows up … Meanwhile, can anyone else contribute wierd mail stories? Anyone have credit cards in their dog’s name? Hmmmmm?

(Now, I have to think about ‘Line Black’ for a while, see if I can do something with this …)

Last year I got an ad in my college mailbox for a student-length subscription to Playboy (just 9 months, so you only get it during the school year and don’t have to explain it to your parents when you’re home). Thing is I got it at the beginning of the SECOND semester.

Hell of a good bargain though. I should have taken it.

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight