Telemarketers try to fight does Dave Barry

Dave Barry
I called the number he provided and listened to a very long coma inducting auctioneer paced message. The guy who’s voice mail it goes into is Full.

One could only imagine just how many calls it takes to fill it.

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I was addressing the issure too. Never did call the number though, but now you have me curious.

Bahahaha! Dave Barry is a god!


Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave!

Hey, sorry Baker about the repeat. I saw the current link and just giggled like a little girl.

Awesome. I need something to do at work today, anyway. :smiley:

Imagine how wonderful America would be if Dave Barry really was president.

No need to be sorry, Shirley, it had fallen off the front page.


Wonder how long it’ll take them to disconnect this new number…

I campaigned diligently and tirelessly to elect Barry in the last election (meaning I downloaded his “Dave for President” ad as my screen saver) and he STILL lost.

So, really, you can’t blame ME for the mess we’ve found ourselves in ever since you-know-who took office. He may lack political experience, but I thought his tactic for dealing with terrorists (forcing them to listen to “Copa Cabana” non-stop) was downright inspired.

Barry in 2004!!

waits, sharpened ice pick in hand, for the inevitable “Telemarketers are not so bad!” posts…

Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave!

Back when Dave ran for President in 1992, I wrote him a letter and asked if I could be his Secretary of Education since, basically, I wanted to go to college for free. He sent me back a handwritten note that said - I am not making this up:

“Hey, you can be on the SUPREME COURT!”

I have voted for him in every election ever since, including the ones in which he was not, technically, running.

Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave!

I tried calling the number Barry provided in the article. It rang and rang and rang, no message, no VM box. Looks like it’s broke again.


Tell me you framed it!

I just called the number and it is no longer in service! Looks like the telemarkers are having to change their numbers to avoid us now!

Go Dave Go!

Oooh! Look at you, royal highnesses! Too good to be approached by the lowly merchant class! Why don’t you people just invest in a programmable phone that shuts off during dinner time if absolute mealtime silence is so necessary for your delicate little lives?
There, now this thread has proper balance.

You’d think staunch guardians of the first amendment such as the telemarketers would be more inclined to listen to what people have to say…

Like all normal people, I have strong feeling about telemarketers…

  1. I notice this particularly from Dave Barry’s article:

“Tim Searcy of the ATA was quoted in The Los Angeles Times as saying that the impact of the Do Not Call Registry would be (I did not make this quote up) ‘‘like an asteroid hitting the earth.’’ Yes. An asteroid!”

The Do Not Call Registry means the end of Civilisation as we know it.

  1. My elderly father is going to hospital tomorrow. Hopefully nothing serious.
    I’m waiting for a phone call from my mother.
    Instead I get a voice that starts reading from a script:
  • am I the Householder?
  • do I have a supermarket loyalty card?

Since the unqualified unpleasant ignoramus taking up my time and phone line is working for a power company, I tell them I’m not interested and quietly hang up.
Why am I so polite?

These people have sht for brains, why can’t we treat them like sht?

These butt smugglers’ website can be found at

This almost makes up for the “band name” thing.

You would think that the those idiots at the ATA would have left Dave alone, slow learners huh? I bet they keep their mouths shut this time. Either that, or they better enjoy ordering new 800 numbers.