Telephone Interviews

T-minus 20 1/2 hours until I have a telephone interview.

I really, REALLY need this job, and truly feel that both the organization and I have a lot to gain by hiring me. My job search has gone on forever, and it’s time for me to get into my field, no matter what the position is. This will be an entry-level position in a nationally recognized organization (but locally operated). I’ll be contacted tomorrow at 11:00am for a 1/2 hour phone interview. What do I need to bring to the table (telephone)?

Anything you would bring to a regular interview. I’d say have any applicable reference numbers/addys ready.

I personally hate telephone interviews. I feel a natural urge to make myself comfortable during phone calls and be more familiar, which you can’t do for a phone interview.

On the other hand, other than porn, there’s not too many interviews where you get to be naked.

I like phone interviews. No body language issues, no one else sizing you up, and no dress code issues. Have the resume, with notes expanding just a little.

And you can have some of those answers written down those “strength/weakness”, “what can you do for us”, and “why did you do that” questions.

Good luck.

Make a list of intelligent questions to ask them.

Good luck,

A copy of the resume that you sent them.
Plus, at a phone interview - if there’s anything you’re normally asked in person, and occasionally have trouble recalling… you can have it right in front of you! It’s wonderful.
A schedule of when you might be able to have a real interview.

Good luck!

Absolutely. And ideally not just intelligent questions, but ones to which you actually want to know the answer. I assume you’ve thoroughly researched the company’s web site - if you haven’t get crackin!

Also, decent answers to “soft” questions like “what is your greatest flaw?”, “tell me about a time you overcame an obstacle”, yada yada.

Well, I just had one myself this morning, so very best of luck to you!

It was relatively informal, but structured for all that. The person conducting it was very friendly and outlined how long it would take (approx 30 minutes which flew by); explained a little about the company and what they were looking for. Discussed training and support and what attracted me to apply for the job; discussed my qualifications and so forth. I had the opportunity to ask any questions I had.

It was my first 'phone interview, and on the whole, I would say it was a positive experience. No commute costs or hassles and no major stress - which has to be a plus.

Have a glass of water on the table in case you get cotton mouth, but sip it - who wants gulping noises in their ear? :wink:

Good luck.

Alright, thanks for the suggestions, everyone! T-minus 25 minutes.

Hope I’m not too late. Make sure you stand up while talking, it’ll make you sound more lively and alert.

Too late, bayonet! Wish I’da thought of that.

But it didn’t matter! He asked me to come in next week for another interview. Wants to wrap everything up, hopefully, by the end of next week, or middle of the one after that.

The position is a little more assistant-y than I would prefer, but damn do I need the experience. I’d officially be an employee of the university, so hopefully I can get a couple classes paid for (which would make up for the fraction of a dollar per hour reduction in pay).

Aside: Getting a big papercut in the middle of a phone interview sucks.