Telephone Sanitizers and Account Execs (forbidden thread for SS Incorrigible)

Welcome to the Forbidden Snarking & Commentary Thread for Mafia: Mutiny on the SS Incorrigible. Living players and eligible subs please stay out, and no game spoilers!

Game thread:

This was a fun ruleset the last time it ran, with the public roles of Jailor, Jailor’s Boss, Doc, Tracker, and I Can Change Who’s Got What Role.

(Except for that part where I guessed wrong on the final Day.)

So peeker starts off with absolutely meaningless votes. FWIW, votes at game start are always meaningless.

At least it wasn’t a claim of VT at the start. I do not like that move, I do not like it Sam-I-Am.

How did I miss this thread? I even looked for one before starting the other one.

Anyway, peeker’s votes don’t even count, because only 3 are valid. story is not a player in this game.

Nobody notices the telephone sanitizers – at least not until the plague that starts from a dirty phone.

Aw, man, Scuba, I was hoping that you were playing the role of Floyd in this one.

Gee thanks, Chronos – Floyd gets killed first!

And there’s Natlaw, trying the gambit.

Not a vanilla claim, though. Just a claim that he is Town (which of course is totally worthless in a game with no lie detector).

Man, I’m kinda sorry I missed the signups for this one.

That is a terrible idea, see below.

But this is a good point that I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet: outstanding warrants are seriously anti-Town and any Captain who leaves one out there should be seriously suspect.

I’m surprised, with all this talk about the setup, that there haven’t been more people referring back to what actually happened in the first game. IIRC, Inner Stickler and Normal Phase, at least, were in that one.

Which part of SS Insipid, Chronos?

Mostly, the same Day 1 discussion in that game also applies to this game, but with the added advantage of seeing how things worked out.

So NAF stirs up the pot claiming Cracker, and claiming that he’s role-claiming just to get things moving along.

On the face of it, I’m inclined to believe NAF’s claim. We had this role in SS Insipid, too.

The possible roles are all listed in the setup post.

Good point, Tom. NAF could have quoted the setup post. So quoting a role PM is a null tell.

Exactly. :smiley:

I’m a little surprised at the low volume of posts. It’s not like there’s little to talk about–the way the officers and votes work. A few players have discussed it, but most seem to be keeping quiet.

I’m hoping that once votes start coming in, players will start to get more rancorous.

Total gut feeling: Normal Phase is scum. Anybody else getting that vibe from him?

Actually, you know what? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a game unfold whilst spoiled. Pleo, may I be spoiled please? :smiley:

The claim itself would be enough for me to vote for him, since that’s a risky power for Scum to have, but of very little value to Town. If Scum have a Cracker, then the Brig is worse than useless, since a Scum who gets brigged will just be released. Without that threat, though, Town has something very close to a second lynch (it’s more like a lynch than a Vigging, since even though it’s only two people who actually do it, it’s done completely out in the open). Meanwhile, if Town ever wants to release someone from the Brig, they can just tell the Captain and Chief to do so, and vote for them if they don’t cooperate.

As an alternative, Town might brig NAF and tell him to release himself, thereby using up the power and ensuring that Scum can’t use it (it’s still only once per game, right?).