Televisions and Fans

(hoping this is the right forum…)

I am trying to figure out a way to have both my fan and my television set up, and have decided to bring the question here, since I can’t figure it out on my own.

Here’s the layout: I am currently living in a small-ish dorm room. One-half of the room is my roommate’s, so that’s right out. On my side of the room, from door to window, there is:

Dresser with (large) fan on top, and two shelves above that.
Bed, sideways against wall.
Desk with computers, books, pop, etc.

My TV is currently sitting against the wall below the window, in a pretty inconvenient place for both power and use. The only place I can think of to put it is where the fan is, but it is 90 degrees here and there is no way that fan is being turned off.

Any suggestions?

6-Outlet Grounding Plug-In Adapter. Then, get a night table.

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Some questions that might have an impact.

How big is the TV? If it’s smallish (17" or less) it would be much more workable in a cramped dorm room than a 65" plasma screen.

Is there any kind of cable/dish outlet in your room or are you using the built in antenna to pick up local signals only? Or are you relying on DVD’s/tapes for viewing?

Is there a “common area” with a TV set in the dorm?

And perhaps most important, how does your roomate feel about the arrangement? If s/he is willing, could you put the TV somewhere in the “middle” of the room so that you could both watch it, or are you insisting that this is your TV and roomie has no say in the subject?

Just a few things to consider while looking for a solution.