Tell Everyone Something Bad You Did

Just tell something bad you did. This is sort of a confessional and not the place to judge the character of others or debate what kind of a person they are. It can be something from your past or more recent.

Well when I was in middle school I guess I went through a disturbing phase where I liked torturing our pet cat. Sometimes I would just hit her in the face, one time I hung her from a rope causing her to have trouble breathing and she shat on the floor. After that I was pissed and hit her a couple more times. I locked her in a cooler in the shed to teach her a lesson, meaning to let her back out after an hour. Well I forgot all about her until I woke up the next morning and immediately thought “SHIT”. I went in the shed and opened the cooler and sure enough the cat was dead. I pretended like I found her that way in the backyard and told my mom and sister. My mom was heartbroken, as she really loved that cat and held the corpse, while crying for probably an hour.

Yikes man.

Wow. That is seriously disturbing…I can only hope to hell that the incident you mentioned was purely a part of you that got left behind in the past, and wasn’t any indication of your present behavior (serial killer? :eek: )

The only thing I can think of that comes close to that level of depravity is one time when I was a kid and I was trying to scare my neighbor’s younger brother. This kid was extremely terrified of being lost/far from home (he’d freak out if he couldn’t see his house and his siblings weren’t with him.

One day I wanted to mess with him so I lured him into our garage. I was going to then close the electric garage door and watch him panic a bit. However, I didn’t expect him to run like the dickens to escape before the door slammed shut. He almost made it… :eek:

The garage door closed right on his back, and for whatever reason, didn’t do the ‘safety reverse’ when it encountered resistance. Thus, he was stuck in this awkward stooped position, while the garage door was buzzing and smoking. After mashing the button frantically a couple of times, it finally went back up, and the kid went screaming back home.

Somehow nobody found out about this. Probably the meanest thing I ever did in my life.

At least the cat wasn’t fat or gay. I hope.

I hate to admit it, but I like replying to threads like this because my contribution always pales in comparison to the OP

goes out to the garage for target practice

Unfortunately, my experience was similar to pool’s, only the cat was a stray, and it didn’t die. But I bet it wished it had.
I don’t want this post to be “START-like” (“I did something bad. Comment on my maturity for seeing the error of my ways and debate hotly amongst yourselves!”)

I’m really sorry I read that OP. Some kind of warning would have been nice! I was expecting something like: “I stole something from the store.”

Yeah, that seriously almost made me cry. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Come on, it’s clear that the OP feels remorseful for what he had done when he was young and stupid. Even though it’s horrible.

Our store manager once let a customer return a broken, well-used VCR from another store[our store didn’t carry them]. It had no box, no instructions, remote control. He told me to return this to the vendor. When I told this to the vendor, I could hardly suppress a giggle and we both began laughing about. Without a further word, I pitched it into the dumpster. When our manager asked me if the vendor and I took care of it, we truthfully said we did. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


The meanest thing I ever did to a cat is cut off its whiskers. :rolleyes:


I suppose if you write the Mods, they will put you in the Witless Protection Program. ;j

This one time, at band camp…

There’s a limit to what you should confess on the SDMB, pool, and you passed that limit with your OP. The SDMB isn’t going to be a showroom for anyone to trot out his/her memories of how he/she tortured and killed animals. Don’t do this again.

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