What's the most evil thing you ever did to another human being?

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Off the top of my head the most evil thing I did to another human being was when I was much younger (I guess somewhere between 8 and 12 I guess). for no apparent reason I pushed a kid (a bit younger than me) off a wall. He had to go to hospital.

I lied and told a guy that I had slept with that I was pregnant, mainly because he stopped calling me after we did it. Scared the shit out of him, as he’d just gotten back together with his longtime girlfriend/fiancée, and was worried she’d find out. He was trying to come up with ways to give me money for an abortion (which I would not have, if I was really pregnant). I relented and told him that a visit to the doctor revealed that I actually had a tumor in my uterus (which was true).

Well, I’ve got 3 incidents that would qualify…

  1. I stabbed a guy with a pencil, and broke it off (he lived)

  2. In a fight once, I removed my belt, and beat my opponent unconscious with the large buckle. (him too)

  3. Punched an ex girlfriend in the face, knocking her cold. She was punching the hell out of me at the time.

All of these things in my misspent youth. I’ve been a calmer, more peaceful jockey since then.

When I typed this thread I knew that the example I gave was unlikely to be the most evil thing I ever did and that every time I see the thread I would re-initiate the mental search for evil things I’ve done to people.

I think the things I have said about one particular employee (who had now left thank og) have been particularly evil. (is it evil if they are true??)
Possibly the most evil things I’ve done have been so evil that I didn’t have the care at the time to bother remembering them. One that I do remember is telling my mum that my brother kicked the dog repeatedly, which was a complete lie. (in hindsight my mother probably didn’t believe me… at least that’s what I hope, because I felt so guilty afterwards, considering it was my favourite brother, the one who stuck up for me)

The scenario: My volunteer fire company is located at the end of a dead end street, such that the half block was a convenient spot for members to ditch their cars when responding to a call. A local resident took to parking his tractor-trailer on the dead end over the weekends, which was perfectly legal, but we didn’t like it. I got the idea of making his truck appear to be “haunted”.

With two buddies as lookouts, I first worked to pick open the lock cylinder of the cab door. Once inside, a few more minutes of work on the ignition cylinder was rewarded with the instrument cluster glow. Tap the starter, set idle, and lock the truck.

We were hanging out the next morning when the fellow was dropped off by his wife. She began cursing and berating the guy for being drunk and letting the truck run all weekend. He freaked out because it was running without any keys. They left, we laughed our asses off, and the truck never came back. :smiley:

Hmm, probably the most evil thing I have ever done is force some DeadHead friends of mine to listen to Abba Gold and Van Halen Diver Down, back-to-back, in the middle of a road trip.

Hey, I was driving. The driver has control of the tape (CD) player.


I drove my college roomate into a nervous breakdown (this was the same one that had the weird reaction to marijuana, by the way.) I had been teased and tormented by my schoolmates through the years and had developed a mean streak as a result. When I realized my roomate was younger and more neurotic than me I started treating her very badly, taking satisfaction in how I could torment her. I basically copied the pattern my fellow high school students had taken with me.

She lost it and had to leave college and go into a mental hospital.

Probably when I was playing a PBEM game, I swore up and down 7 ways to Sunay that I was trying to ally with another player, then attacked him all-out next turn.

I could think of worse things I’ve done in the spur of the moment but none as calculatingly evil as that.

I ate somebody’s brains once.

Smiling when the interviewee says something astonishingly stupid and saying “Uh huh…and then what?” knowing I’m going to crucify him.

Over the course of one week myself and about 5 friends convinced another friend of ours that he had a stalker.

Went over spectacularly, but he was mad as hell when we told him it was all a prank…also, it had creeped him out to the point where he was just about to call the police on the “stalker”…

It was funny then and it’s still funny now, and the victim even laughs at it…

But right after he found it, it occurred to me that it was somewhat cruel…

Probably not the meanest, but it just happend yesterday so it’s fresh in my mind.
My girlfriend has some Harry Potter every flavor beans. I handed one to her roomate saying “Here try the marshmallows, they’re awesome!” She puts it in her mouth and chews for a minute.
“It doesn’t really taste like marshmallow…”
“oh, yeah that’s because it’s sardine.”
“EwWW GROSS!” and she spits it out.
I laughed and laughed and laughed. She did, too, though. It’s not like she hates me now or anything.

Once when I was about 10, I was mad at my brother so I broke the strings on his guitar. I still feel bad about that.

I’m basically a nice guy. But one mean thing I did when I was much younger was sleep with a girl (virgin) I wasn’t really interested in, while both of us were drunk, and then made it a point to never see her or speak to her again. I still feel bad about that, 28 years later. The fact that there are guys that do that for fun just makes me sad for my gender.

I have made once-devout theists doubt their religion.

That’s not evil. That’s a public service.

I think the worst thing that I’ve ever done was to do the “I’ll be so deliberately nasty you’ll break up with me” to an ex-girlfriend. It really wasn’t working (she was 4 hours away for college and came home maybe once a month) and I’d made overtures to the effect that I just wasn’t happy, but couldn’t bring myself to end it. So, instead I decided to become the world’s biggest prick and basically ignore her until she ended the whole thing, which eventually she did, to which I offered some half-hearted attempts to pretend I was heartbroken. She certainly did nothing to deserve that treatment, and I’m certainly sorry I put her through it.

I’m going to nominate a woman I was once friendly with - a friend of a friend (we’ve lost touch sue to distance, not this incident):

This woman, who was going through a somewhat ugly break-up, was supposed to hang out with my friend & I one day, but she was late. When she finally called & I asked her where she was, she told me that she was at the hospital because (ex-boyfriend) had assaulted her & broken her nose.

I was, of course, horrified; when my friend saw my face, she freaked. The woman then laughed & said she was “just playing”. Man, was I pissed. When my friend asked me what happened, I just said, “You talk to her - I’m not talking to her right now”.

We were going to get her back by using make-up & a bandage to make my friend’s knee appear injured, then make up a story, but we got lazy. That woulda been pretty evil.

As for the most evil thing I’ve ever done… Eh, I’m not terrible - worst I’ve done is talk about people behind their backs. Certainly far from nice, but not like killing puppies, either.

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