whats the meanest thing you've ever done?

Whats the meanest thing you’ve ever done? I mean just mean and nasty, not a practical joke type of thing.

I wondered this because a friend of mine once told me that in College he and some other people at a party shaved the head of some girl that had passed out drunk. He said they did it because she was a mean, nasty bitch and had it coming. I was shocked because the person that told me is generally quiet and friendly.

I’ve never done anything purposefully that even approaches that. (Even if the girl was a mean bitch, it was kind of cruel to do that in my opinion)

The meanest things I can think of that I’ve ever done is teasing someone too much. In high school I always kind of teased this one kid that hung out with us a lot. I didn’t know it bothered him so much until one day I ribbed him pretty hard all afternoon. He kind of walked away from us saying he was going home. My best friend at that time told me he was crying and I was being a dick for hurting the guys feelings so much. I felt so awful I went to his house and apologized in front of his whole family. (The nice thing is the kid accepted my apology and we became friends and that his dad told me it took guts to come over there and do that).

My ex-husband was obviously cheating on me. Voice mail was a brand new product for home use and I was the one who ordered it and I was the only one with the code to make any changes.

After repeated caller hang-ups one evening (I was pregnant and really pissed off), I changed the recording on our line.

“If you think you’re in love with “Ex” press 1. If you think “Ex” is in love with you press 2. If you think you are pregnant by “Ex” press 3.”

His friends and family were horrified and the ex begged me to change it. I left it on for a couple of weeks.

Pretty mean.

One of the homeless guys physically threatened me in front of work.
We had recently fenced in the park to keep them out. We had seen him sleeping in a tiny garden shed by the main building. It smelled really nasty in there. I threw his sleeping bag over the fence.

I helped pick on some poor kid at our bus stop during tenth grade. And I really should have known better, since I was pretty fresh from being picked on myself. I mostly just laughed at the shit other kids were doing, but there was this one time we all threw rocks. There were a couple of times when I said, “Aw, leave him alone”, but they were pretty weak.

Recently, I went to pick up one of the cats and he started to run ahead of me and I impulsively grabbed him by the tail. He turned as if to bite me but he didn’t. I felt terrible about it. I gave him lots of food and petting and apologies, but I wonder if he’ll always remember that I’m a tail-puller.

Cheated on my first boyfriend and lied about it when confronted.

I had my reasons. Not necessarily good ones, but they definitely existed. And I didn’t ruin his life or anything, he is living a happy life now as an investment banker with a wife and a cute baby, and we’ve made up.

As far as mean things go, I don’t anymore believe mine was all that bad as I was fairly young and did learn from it. I felt terribly guilty for years, though.

In kindergarten I helped some boys pick on and beat up this kid named Kurt. He stopped going to our school after that year.

I haven’t been intentionally mean since then. In 22 years.

After waiting an hour for him to move it out of my driveway, I once had a neighbor’s car towed. He was blocking me in, and blatantly made it a point to take his time . . . So I called the local Five-O, and they told me to call this towing company.

Also, I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

But I didn’t shoot the towing guy.

I witnessed a crime. A pretty horrible one. And I did nothing about it; didn’t try to stop it (I could have), didn’t tell the police. Nothing. :frowning:

I think about the Kitty Genovese case a lot since then.

I bought a man’s soul for a dollar and change.

Apparently I’m not very mean - I, with the help of a bunch of other girls, put makeup on a guy who was passed out at a party. He looked like a goof when he woke up, but it all washed off.

Also, once when I was about 11 my cousin and I killed a bunch of snails for no reason. I still feel really, really awful about it. Although not awful enough to quit eating escargot. I’m totally going to hell.

I was just thinking about this yesterday. I and a few others were one year ahead in Math and took geometry with the tenth graders when we were in ninth. Our teacher, Mr. R., wasn’t really dorky but he didn’t dress nice and was teased by the cooler kids who pretty much disdained him. Well, he was a good guy and coordinate a bunch of us geeks (me, my brother, a kid I liked name Mike, that guy Paul, etc.) to be a math team. So we all hung out and he was a straight up guy. Towards the end of the year it was clear that the cool kids had bested him and he wouldn’t be coming back.

By then I had gone over to their side and stopped talking to him. :frowning: I finished my final in his class and handed it to him and he said “Have a nice summer” and I completely ignored him and walked out. I still haven’t forgiven myself for conforming with the rest of those kids and offending a decent guy.

Wherever you are, Mr. R., I’m really sorry about it.

(Can you go to hell for something you did when you were 7?)

I was outside by myself (age 7) and noticed the neighbor boy (age 5) in his yard with a ball. Whatever came over me I don’t know but I promptly took the ball away from him which caused him to start crying.
I then took the ball and threw it into a large thorn bush. He cried and then tried to retrieve it and cried some more cause the thorns got him.
Then I went behind him and pushed him head first into the bush. He was bawling.
At that point I decided I was going to go back inside and left him there.

Russell Thomas of Hales Corners, WI! I know it was 29 years ago but I still feel sick about what I did to you and have no clue to why I did it except I was an evil child. I don’t blame you if you hunt me down and beat the crap out of me.

I still feel guilty about this one. My defense–if one could exist–is that I was in junior high, and now, as a junior high teacher, I can tell you…nastiness is a common affliction for girls of this age.

I had a buddy that I hung out with named Barb. Barb was really into horses, like I was, so we had that common thread. We talked horses, we took riding lessons, we collected Breyer model horses, etc. Now, Barb was…a bit unattractive. None of us are our best at 13, but her body was betraying her most unkindly during this awkward stage. I really hope she grew to be a pageant beauty. Anyway, she also was emotionally immature…some junior highers act like high schoolers, and some–like she did–act like elementary kids. I remember going over to spend the day at her house and being weirded out that she wanted to play “house,” and that she wanted to pretend to be a horse and gallop around the backyard. I had outgrown such play at that point.

I don’t remember how it happened, but I turned on her. I could have just let the friendship drift, but instead I got nasty. At the time she was my locker partner (common in the Midwest, where you have heavy snows and need big lockers for winter jackets), but I switched to someone else (someone “cooler,” of course). Still knowing her locker combination, I opened up her locker, wrote “Go suck John’s cock [referring to a boy she had a crush on]” on her message board, and took all of her books. I only put them on top of the locker, but I was quite a bit taller than her and she couldn’t see where I’d put them. I also made cruel fun of her appearance with my new, “cool” locker partner.

I got my comeuppance, though. I was sent to the Vice Principal’s office–only time in my life–to tell them where her books were, given a detention (only one of my life–and I think it was on a Saturday, too), and by far the worst of all, had to tell my horrified parents what I’d written on the message board.

But really, it wasn’t so much the taking of her books or the note that I think was so nasty–it’s how abruptly I dumped her and how quickly I made vicious fun of her. I hate that that part of me both existed and came out so easily–especially since I’d endured years of being the target of similar and worse nastiness.

People really do suck. I’m just glad that most of the time we’re able to keep our suckage at bay.

I’m not mean enough to kill snails, I collect them from the garden in a bucket and release them a long way away.

In a previous life I ran a PA (sound system) business, one of our regular gigs was to do the sound for a local polytechnic. This particular week it was a comedy review/outfit of three guys and a girl doing what I assume they thought were funny sketches. We had supplied the sound for the rehersals and seen the act.

These people were not talented comedians. The show was not funny. I resented having to sit through it.

So on the evening of the real gig, to generate some actual entertainment, I wrote a bunch of notes along the lines of “it is your right to heckle”, “feel free to heckle” and left them on all the punters’ tables.

The gig was a bit* rough on the performers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never went on stage again.

If you were one of those people and it left you scarred. Sorry. (But you would’ve been OK if you’d actually been funny)
*As in "very, very, very.

When I was fifteen or so, I lived in a group home run by Southern Baptists.

Once, I set my roommate’s clock forward a couple of hours. When the alarm went off two hours early, he got up, took his shower, then headed out into the kitchen for breakfast. There was a motion alarm placed at the entrance of the little “wing” where our rooms were and he set it off because, of course, our houseparents were still in bed and hadn’t turned it off for the day yet. He really got chewed out for that. What was awful was that he kept telling our housemother (a nasty woman) that he’d only gotten up because the time on his alarm clock was wrong and all she’d have had to do was go in our room and look at his clock to see that he was telling the truth, but she couldn’t be bothered to do that and just grounded him. He never did figure out what I’d done.

And I once convinced him to fall off the diving board backwards into the swimming pool like they did on the Nestea commercials (for those who’ve never done that, it stings. Actually, I think I managed to convince him to do that on two separate occasions, but maybe my memory’s playing tricks on me.

I helped someone cheat on their girlfriend.

My six-year-old daughter bought a light-up bouncy ball at the flea market. It developed a hole that same day, and when I removed the mechanism inside I noticed it flashed red and blue alternately.

Now her father, my ex, has always been a sports car fanatic who likes to speed and drives cars that tend to attract the attention of the local police, so I hatched a very simple practical joke. I told my daughter that a funny prank would be to put the flashing thing in her pocket, and when her dad came to pick her up she could wait until he got going down the road, take it out, shake it, and hold it straight up so he could see it in his rearview mirror.

I learned a lot that night:

  1. You should never play a prank on someone who is driving. Even though nothing bad happened, it was a risk that should not have been taken.

  2. Don’t involve your daughter in your practical jokes, because she may get spoken to harshly because of something that was your idea.

  3. Even if you have excellent bladder control, it is still possible to pee on yourself if you laugh hard enough.

I read about this incident in my Psychology textbook.

Could you tell more about the incident? Supposedly, dozens saw or heard this young woman being murdered, but no one did anything; some actually pulled chairs up to their windows to watch. The textbook gave a psychological reason for this, but Ive forgotten it. Why didnt you help her?

I think the meanest thing I ever did was harass my sister and beat up on her endlessly for years when we were kids because I was jealous of her. Eventually, she had almost nothing to do with me. We’re not close now.

Second to that was cheating on my best and longest-time boyfriend a bunch of times. Then he cheated on me; fair’s fair. We ended up breaking up.

The meanest things I’ve ever done:

I generally ignored and disrespected my mother from about 7th to 9th grade. The meanest specific thing I remember doing is not waving back to her while passing her on the sidewalk.

I stole my friend’s Latin book in 7th grade after losing my own. He was in a lot of trouble for the few weeks before he got a new one. His grade probably suffered.

In high school a friend of mine called up an unpopular guy in our grade and pretended to be an imaginary girl who liked him. I played the role of her friend. At the end of the call we revealed that it was a prank. We had to beg him not to send an email to the principal about it.

I was a huge jerk for a few years. Luckily, I realized how stupid I was and changed my ways.