whats the meanest thing you've ever done?

When I was five I snatched a small prize bag away from a little two year old at a fair and ran off. :frowning: I have no idea WHAT posessed me to do that.

When I was 12, my friends and I got into a fight with another friend, and we sent her this really nasty letter. We put on the outside, “We’re sorry-friends forever!” and then on the inside basically said that was a joke and that we hated her and wanted her to die and thought she was stupid and ugly. We also made up a bunch of really nasty, extremely vulgar poems. Her entire family saw it, too.

To this day, I feel really, really shitty about that, because the fight was really stupid, the letter was MY idea, and her family had always been really nice to me.


Oh, and I once told my little sister she was a mistake. But I think she was too young to understand that.

Wow, you guys are a bunch of a-holes.

I kid, I kid. Actually, I really admire you all for being so honest. I don’t know if I can post about the meanest thing I’ve ever done. It’s so hard to pick just one, you know?

One that definitely sticks out is that I had a friend in middle school who was very emotionally disturbed. She always had horrible, hard to believe stories about how she was brutalized by her family and while that may have been the case, she lied about so many other things that I chose not to believe her more often than not.

One morning she called and woke me up to tell me that she’d taken a bunch of pills (aspirin or some such) and I coldly told her that if she was really trying to kill herself, she should probably cut her wrists instead. :confused: :frowning:

I have no idea why I said it. I was sleepy and I was tired of worrying about her all of the time, but holy cow. When I got to school the next morning she was vomiting everywhere and had to be sent home.

I was her only friend at the time and I did a bang-up job of completely letting her down. sigh

You are all a bunch of fucking saints.

I find it hard to believe that you’ve never done anything you are sorry you did.

The way I remember it, no one wanted to get involved and everyone assumed someone else had called. But apparently “There is controversy over whether any of the alleged witnesses were in fact aware of the attack on Ms. Genovese. The claim that they were is traceable to newspaper coverage at the time of the attack which does not quote those witnesses, and many of them deny having been aware of any of the events at the time.”

I can’t post the worst thing I’ve ever done because it’s frankly too embarrassing to admit, even on an anonymous message board (plus it’s worse than anything I’ve read here so far). I know it caused permanent physical damage to the person I did it to. My karma is this person is now friends with a good friend of mine, so I run into him occassionally. Some day very very soon I’ll have the balls to apologize to him directly.

I have always taken responsibility for it though, and made sure at the time that his friends knew that I knew I did wrong. A weenie’s apology, sure, but at the time the best I could muster.

Actually there’s a lot of evidence that the standard story of what happened in the Genovese case was just media hype.

She was attacked twice. The first, brief attack occurred out on the street. Most of the witnesses didn’t see the whole attack – they were awakened by the commotion. At least one person shouted at the attacker and he fled. Then Kitty got up and walked away. Most of the witnesses seem to have assumed that they had witnessed a lover’s quarrel since the attack took place outside a neighborhood bar whose patrons were known for rowdy behavior. Even so, at least one person called the police to report the attack.

The witnesses didn’t know that she’d been badly injured. They didn’t see her collapse in a hallway of her apartment building a few minutes later. And they didn’t see the second attack where Moseley returned and actually killed her.

All of these details were overlooked to create a “look what monsters people are today” story for the New York Times.

Who, me? I’ve done lots, none of which I’m willing to test the statute of limitations over a message board. I meant the ‘saints’ comment literally. “I was mean to someone when I was 7-13 years old, and I’m eternally shameful and I’ve never hurt a living thing since.” Jeez. I’m amoral and immoral, simultaneously, in comparison.

About 8 years ago I was hanging out with my (then) roommate’s girlfriend one night in the living room watching movies and drinking wine. We ended up making out on the couch that evening (but nothing more). That was wrong of me, especially because I was dating her best friend at the time. There was always sexual tension between us and getting drunk with here was just begging for trouble.

I did the best I could to make amends (coming clean to everyone, apologizing, there was some groveling involved as well) but I still sorely regret it.

I’m sorry, I had my damn sarcasm glasses on and read that wrong!!

sorry ‘here’ -->‘her’

Fair enough - especially considering I speak fluent sarcasm and do so very, very often.

Heh, I was just thinking…just one…the worst.

for shock effect…probably pulling out the old teenage mutant ninja turtles 2 line on a girl who said “In your dreams”.

There were 5 witnesses, she started to cry.
In case you havent seen the movie…the reply is “If I was dreaming you would be thinner”.

My older friends and I (during high school) would cruise Hollywood late at night and throw raw eggs at prostitutes working the streets.

With same friends, we would drive around a neighboring upper-class town and vandalize cars parked overnight on the streets. We would use cooking oil, bleach, raw eggs, ketchup, etc.

Slept with a friends wife.

We are not close anymore.

Once, when a man I’d been dating dumped me for another girl, I gathered up all the hot love letters that he’d written to me and mailed them to his new flame. Included in some of the letters were some very unflattering remarks about her. It was an unkind thing to do, and I regret it now, but I was a spiteful young thing at the time, and lashing out at this girl seemed OK then.

I broke up with a girl because I did not want to buy her a birthday present.

I teased another girl relentlessly when I was younger. That was pathetic because I was being teased relentlessly at the same time and had no empathy for the girl.

Though I am proud to say I have never given up a friend so that I could be friends with cooler people. Not once. I’ve had friends leave me for that reason, but I only shunned people if they were genuine jerks.

At a high school dance, a fairly unattractive girl asked me to dance. Being a complete wuss at the time, I didn’t know how to say no, so I danced with her. Halfway through, I got a “leg cramp” and had to sit down.

I was not a terribly popular nor attractive young man, and somewhere in my mind I concluded that being seen dancing with this young lady would only serve to further lower my social standing. She was, however, an extremely nice and smart girl, who simply didn’t draw particularly good cards when it came to her countenance.

I can’t even remember her name, so I can’t offer a proper public apology. I will attempt to do so nonetheless.

I’m sorry. That was an awfully shitty thing to do. I hope you will forgive me, if you have not done so already.

One right off the top of my head: Church camp the summer between my 8th grade and freshman year. I was so excited to have gotten involved with a boy while I was there. I wasn’t one of the most “in” girls in our group, so I had at least attained an equal status by doing that at the same time that everyone else who was anybody was either already taken or hooking up. More grown up was I that I actually had proof in the pudding right before their very eyes! Jump forward a couple of nights and the natives are restless when we should all be sleeping instead. What do I do? To ensure that no goofing off was going to cost me precious time with my new “honey,” I raise up out of my almost slumber and lecture the others that they were only being rowdy because they had nothing to look forward to (like a real live “boyfriend” or anything) and were in turn willing to jeopordize the future of the rest of us. You know, we that were so damn important via our connection in said end all, be all relationships. :frowning:

I don’t remember anyone saying a word back to me (although they might have), but the payback karma was a swift bitch just the same. Before the week was out and I’d left a day early because of my draconian mother, word got back to me (stingingly I might add) that Mr. Wonderful had no compunction about dumping my non-putting-out self (we’re talking I was NOTHING even close to first base!) for the indignity of the most spoiled and popular chick in our church. And since we hated each other (or I felt that way about her – hell, she might not have even realized I existed, since I occuppied a realm so beneath her), the rebuke hurt all that much more. To this day I’m ashamed of my arrogance, assumptions about others and shallowness. How could I have thought that?? Acted that way?

Anyway, I unfortunately wish I could say that’s been the worst of my bad deeds and I haven’t strayed in all that time. Sadly, tis not true and I can remain chagrined. I simply take what little solace I find in the hopes that I learn as I grow older and at least don’t repeat the same mistakes.

I hope.

What’s mean about that? Fucker was trespassing, he’s lucky he didn’t get a ticket or worse IMO.

It’s entirely possible that he already knows it was you. Methinks you ought to fess up now if you want to make amends; who knows how much of a grace period you’ll have?

Were you asking her out? If so, it was pretty fucked up of her to say “in your dreams” in front of five people. Then again, it was dumb to ask someone out in public anyway. I could see where a “yes” could turn into a dumbstruck, face-saving “no” in that kind of situation.

As for me?

Senior year of high school; there was a girl who had been really mean and nasty to the entire class for all four years. She lived in the neighborhood of the school–an anomaly, as it was a charter school and drew kids in from all over the county–and me and two friends were in the area for some reason (after-school thing?). Somehow we knew which house was hers, I think because she had bugged one of us to give her rides from school or something. Anyway, we were in my car, one of the other guys was driving, and somehow we came up with the idea to have the other guy in the back fill up an empty water bottle with his own urine and empty the bottle onto the girl’s mother’s car while we passed it at speed.

Kind of shitty, as the girl in question was trying to make amends that year and, I’m sure, had realized the errors of her ways–and anyway she had never really terrorized people, she just offended people a lot. Her mum deserved it, though; she was an asinine bitch.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to apologize to the girl for it–not specifically for that incident as I didn’t remember it until reading this thread–but for being an ass in general. My resolve is weak and it’s hard to get in touch with her, so I don’t know when it’ll happen…

Oh yeah, the other thing I did in senior year–I did lots of making out and fondling and suckling of all kinds with the freshman girlfriend of a classmate/acquaintance who I’d been in roughly the same social circle with for all four years. At the time they were both barely starting to experiment with alcohol and recreational chemicals, and they were the typical HS kids trying too hard to be cool about doing drugs, so they had a clause in their relationship that anything they did on drugs or alcohol didn’t count. So I bought the girl nitrous oxide–a legal drug that would not affect her judgment–and we started hitting the whippits and then we made out. I kept on getting her high (now that I knew she wanted to do it) and having really steamy makeout sessions with her. I was a virgin and we got really, really close to having sex one night and I think my only saving grace is that I didn’t go for it. Theirs was a fucked up relationship and doomed before it began, but what bothers me now is:

  1. She had had a vicious crush on me the whole school year and I could’ve pursued it at any time, but didn’t until she started going out with the dude. At which point she still (according to her) preferred me and was settling with the other guy. That’s fucked up.

  2. I thought nothing at all of their relationship. It didn’t matter one bit to me. Not a moment of guilt; I just figured myself the obviously better candidate and went at it.

  3. Sorry, Opal.

I apologized to him later and he accepted my apology. I’m still cool with the girl–the guy, we’re cool but I think he’ll be happy never to interact with me again.

I got my comeuppance, though, when after “stealing” her into a nonexclusive “third base buddy” type relationship, I went out of state for a week and my best friend (female) started dating her exclusively. That hurt, but I deserved it.