Tell me about All American Rejects live

The last time they came around I was debating seeing them but delayed purchasing and they were sold out. In the meantime, I have seen them play “live” at PBS’s SoundStage and they … weren’t bad, but sound about as far from their sound on their eponymous album as you can get and still be pop punk! The main reason I like that album is that uber-emo style of singing, which they lack on the SoundStage concert and many subsequent albums.

Has anyone had a different experience than me if you have seen them live? They are coming back to town and would not want to miss out if they will be good.

(Incidentally, I have seen Panic (!) at the Disco and have noticed the same difference in singing style in live versus recorded, but since I had other reasons to like them than just their singing voice, I enjoyed the concert.)