Recommend some All American Rejects (Need answer Fast!)

I’m seeing AAR tomorrow but I only have their eponymous album. The thing that makes that album stand out from the rest for me is their classic, beyond compare singing. Unfortunately, some of their later offerings lost that, only to move back toward it occasionally.

So, and this is probably a long shot that I should have researched long ago, what offerings by the All American Rejects have the classic emo singing of their eponymous album? As opposed to just generic rock singing. I want to bone up on their good stuff before the concert.

I really like their song **Dirty Little Secret **(although the lyrics are awful). Off the same CD, I think **Move Along **is a well-crafted emo/rock/pop song…

Thanks, I’m downloading that and When the World Comes Down. It’s interesting to be able to fast forward through the development of their career and see how it mirrors Jimmy Eat World in the progression toward pure songcraft as exemplified by their latest albums which in the case of AAR I took a pass on as Jimmy Eat World are good at crafting melodies as well as just wailing out.

However, despite the fact that I didn’t pick it up, I do appreciate the AAR’s moving away from obviously computerized production. That was a shock to me when I first picked up their eponymous album and the songs grew on me despite it rather than because of it.

My favorite not on their self-titled is “Can’t Take It.”

If you like ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ - they did a version of Jack’s Lament that is superb.