Tell me about Bulls v. Heat Game 2. (Need answers fast.)

I’m going to watch game 2 of the Bulls/Heat series tonight. I’ve barely followed Basketball this year. I’m hoping someone can tell me some of the things to look for in this game. in particular, who are Chicago’s key players and what do they need to keep doing? The guys I’m watching with are all pulling for Chicago, as am I. (I lived there during the Jordan’s first championship.) I’m doing some research on my own, but I always appreciate doper’s insights.


Oh, crap that’s Bulls v Heat obviously. Will ask mod to fix.

The Bulls need Boozer to play well. He’s been shaky all playoffs and the Bulls can’t rely solely on Rose to get all the points. LeBron supposedly has a head cold and is blaming his subpar performance in Sunday’s game 1 on that, watch and see how his energy level is in Game 2. Deng has been guarding him incredibly well so it’s an important match up. Taj Gibson had a monster Game 1 with a pair of building shaking dunks, hopefully he can repeat that. The Heat got stifled defensively in Game 1 and while it’s probably not going to be as one-sided this game watch the early pace of the game. If the Bulls continue to eliminate transition buckets for the Heat they’ll be in good shape. The Bulls bench was huge in Game 1, the Heat were non-existent. The Bulls size inside also was decisive, with a big edge in rebounding and second chance points.

Of all the stuff to watch, it’s probably key to see if the Bulls big guys continue to dominate on both sides of the floor or if Bosh can put together a full game like he played the first half on Sunday. Second to that, LeBron can dictate the pace of the game. If the Bulls are hitting threes though the Heat are probably going to be dead meat no matter what they do.

Thanks, Omni. Game on!

This ain’t good

The Bulls got to caught up with the fast pace the Heat were showing. If you notice Derrick Rose, he always approaches offense slowly to open things up and usually when he does they score but tonight he was a little nervous late in the 4th when they were only down by 5, I believe he threw up a crazy 3 that was blocked and he didn’t trust his teammates enough to pass to them (can’t blame him).

Korver is a joke yet they keep him out there, he only is good for shooting 3’s but he only made 1 of them, he played 18 minutes in that game and only made 1 shot, had 4 fouls and 4 rebounds… He is too shaky but will become better in years to come with this playoff experience.

Deng is their next best player but he has no dribbles so he can only score with a perfect assist from Rose, he has a good 3 point shot and mid range shot.

Boozer can make close to mid shots but I never see him do a one on one post play, all his shots come from assists too. Like someone else said, he is proving worthless. He did get 4 offensive rebounds tonight though so thats good.

Noah would be their third best player because of his determination to win and he is a jumping hustler but he is too damn shaky and fast paced compared to the rest of the Bulls players causing mistakes or just losing potential because of it. He needs to calm down a little bit so he can finish more effectively on his post plays and lay ups.

Bogans is a weak shooting guard because he can’t score for shit. He can but never consistently.
Taj Gibson should replace Bogans as a starter.

Brewer is okay for the bench.

CJ Watson and Derrick Rose are the only ones who can make their own plays, but against the Heat you can’t have them both on the floor at the same time because of their height. They are the only two with good dribbling skills, the Heat has quite a few with good dribbles.

The Bull rely on their defense to make offense for them, but not in the same fashion the Heat does. The Heat uses the fast break but when the Bulls defense is shutting down the opponent then the Bulls score because their mentality. The Bulls (as the Heat) looked lost tonight though, and obviously Rose’s jump shot isn’t enough to get the team going. I noticed them getting lost when it most mattered, they sucked on transition defense, the heat gets the offensive rebound and the Bulls freeze up not knowing who to guard.

I knew it was going to be a bad night for them though because on the 1st or 2nd possession they shot a 3, followed by 19 more, only scored 3 of them. That’s a lot of wasted possessions but you can’t blame them because how well their 3 game was the first game. The Bulls were ill prepared tonight but they always adjust accordingly so be ready.

As bad as the Bulls played tonight, the Heat weren’t anything more impressive. Their defense improved alot tonight though but their offense is often still a matter of skillish luck. Haslem has some skill though and the Bulls probably didn’t prepare to play him.

That about sums it up, barely… Oh and the Bulls are the better team but that’s nothing against the Heat, the Heat isn’t a team, they are the big 3, selfish…