Tell me about carpet tiles...

We’re going to be moving our daughter out of the “baby’s room” and into the office, and as such, the office needs a little remodeling. You know, remove desks, put bed, dresser, etc in there.

Anyhow, my wife also wants to replace t he carpet, and I am wondering if it would be a good idea to do carpet tiles in there. How easy are they to install? Do you like them? Do they float or are they tacked down like normal carpet? How visible are the seams? Can you do them in all the same color or would that look bad?

Anything esle I should know about them? What;'s a good brand? What brand should I avoid?

crazyjoe, the only thing I know about them is that all the ones I’ve seen were peel and stick. I’ll be seeing my husband (home repair/remodeling) in a little while though and I’ll ask him. I can let you know tomorrow what he says about 'em.

I’ve never seen a carpet tile I didn’t hate. And they’re a bitch to get off, which I learned when I had to remove them from the floor of a bathroom :eek: . Go with anything else. I beg you.

I’ve had to do this too, pink ones. Really, people. DO NOT PUT CARPET IN YOUR BATHROOM! Gross. Yeah, they’re a pain to remove. There are better ones that have wavy edges and look seamless, but they’re more expensive than regular carpet and you get the pleasure of installing them yourself. Depending on the size of the room, you could probably get a carpet remnant from a carpet store large enough and have them install it pretty cheaply. And it won’t be a nightmare to replace one day.