Tell me about electrolysis, please

I have just had it about up to here makes gesture with the hair on my upper lip. I am of E. Indian descent, and like many Indians, am hairy. Cannot help that. I am also light-skinned, and my hair is black, which means it shows up really well. Thankfully it’s pretty sparse. And I can deal with most of it easily.

Legs? I shave them.

Arms? When I feel like it I Nair them, but even when I don’t, it’s not too bad.

Underarms? Shave.

But my upper lip gets hair growing on it and I am at a loss. Sometimes I Nair but Nair even in the super-sensitive formula burns my skin. Not a lot, but very very lightly, and I have to be super careful about when I put it on and how often. For example, if I do it right before my period, I find it burns really badly, but if I do it the week after, hardly at all. But that’s by the by.

I have taken to shaving it but we all know how well that works. So I think I want to go the electrolysis route.

How much does it hurt?
How much does it cost?
What do I need to look for to find a reputable place to do it, or are they all generall the same?
Does it actually make the hair go away? Cause I need this, please.

Back when I got into the world of People With Business Cards (ok, so I haven’t had one again, but still) I got LASIK’ed and electrolysed. This was about 9 years ago.

It stung: whether that’s “a lot”, “ouch” or “wake me up when you’re done” will depend on your own sensitivity and on the hand holding the needle.

I can’t help you re cost and finding a good location.

It did work, beautifully. Where I had a Wolverine-like sideburn (yes, one: the left one - for some reason the right side wasn’t anywhere near as bad), waxed my 'stache about once every six weeks and could easily have grown a soul patch with some dedication, I now have a few hairs that get plucked as they start growing again. This is mostly because new hairs grow eventually: the three ones in my chin are all post-electrolysis arrivals. The treatment was weekly, ISTR it lasted 8 sessions.