Tell me about epilators

As many women do, I like to remove the hair on my legs. Right now I shave, which leaves my legs reasonably smooth, but doesn’t last more than a day. I’ve tried waxing, and even though the hair was gone, somehow the skin didn’t look or feel smooth. It felt like there was stubble even when there wasn’t. Has anyone else experienced this or know what I’m talking about? I’ve been thinking that maybe an electric epilator (this sort of thing) might work better for me than waxing. Has anyone used one of these? Did it work? How long did it take? How much did it hurt?

I’ve never used an epilator but I’m a hardcore waxer and I can’t help thinking that if waxing doesn’t make it smooth enough for you, will an epilator? Waxing takes off the dead surface layers of skin which makes it super smooth. I can’t imagine anything more smooth making than that. How many times have you tried waxing it?

I’ve had it done a couple times at different places. I know it doesn’t make sense, and I don’t know how to explain it better than I did, but it still feels stubbly afterward.

Yeah, if anything, I’m thinking an epilator won’t do as thorough of a job. I do epilate and it’s easier to miss hairs (because you’re essentially “shaving” the areas by hand) than with a really good wax job.

trapezoidal jellyfish, I know exactly what you mean. I don’t know if it’s missing the tiny hairs or leaving a short stubble or what, but waxing doesn’t ever feel as smooth as shaving. I exfoliate like a mother and moisturize and all that jazz, I’ve never improved matters.

When I use an epilator I have the same problem with it not feeling smooth, though - my solution, when I can be bothered, is to whiz something like an Intuition razor over it in the shower afterwards. I don’t have to do as thorough a job as if I hadn’t epilated first, I get the smooth feeling, and the hair removal is more long-lasting.

Hair removal is a pain. We hates it.

I bought an epilator in December because I was sick of paying for razors. The good ones have gotten really expensive and the cheap ones are worthless. Anyway, I like the epilator, but it does leave me with that stubbly feeling. Exfoliating helps some, but it’s never as smooth as if I’d shaved. I think the stubble may be broken hairs.

Overall, I like the epilator. It’s environmentally friendly (relative to shaving) and the results last much longer. However, it does leave the stubbly feeling and it takes much longer. I’ve found that the best way is to spend about 20 minutes every night (or every other night). The plus side is you can do it while you are watching TV, but that could get a little weird if you don’t live alone. :eek:

Are the hairs breaking for those of you who don’t get smoothness from waxing? I’ve hard that some people with really delicate hairs can have that happen.

I use one; I’m so allergic that waxing and shaving are irritating. After you’ve used the epilator for a while, there’s no irritation. Like Red Stilettos, I do it while reading and/or watching TV.

Yeah, as much as I like my epilator - and I liked the one I bought in August so much that this week I’ve upgraded to the best rated model by Braun, which has a lovely light on it - it’s probably not going to lead to an increase in smoothness because the hairs don’t all grow at the same rate. On the rare occasions I want my legs to be really smooth, I dig out a razor, or go over them with one of those smooth-away pads that are basically fine grade sandpaper. You need to use an epilator a lot less often, but you’re probably not going to get much smoother than you are 24-36 hours after shaving. However, it’ll stay that smooth for up to a ten days. YMMV.

Freudian Slit, I’ve never done waxing, but I know that part of my smoothness problem is due to having some really really fine blonde hairs that the epilator has trouble holding onto long enough to pull out. It does a much better job on the courser, darker colored hairs than those fine ones on my thighs. The rest of that problem is, as I said, due to hairs growing in on different schedules.

Hmm, glad to know there are other women who have the same “can’t stay smooth” problem as me. I’ve had waxing done twice, used Nair and all sorts of different razors and creams, but I’m only smooth for hours - not even a day. If I’m in a situation where I need to be as smooth as possible (sex or swimming lol) then I need to shave right before or I’m doomed.

FWIW the hair on my head is course and thick, and the hair on my arms is too.

Yeah…I know a friend of mine who had blonde, very sparse thin hairs on her leg said that hers broke from waxing and that’s why it was no good for her. My smoothness lasts for about a week or so, but my hair is darker and a bit thick. Not super thick but definitely not thin. Maybe that’s why so many South Asian women tend to do it? (I’m South Asian myself.)

My girlfriend got one a couple years ago, having fallen for the “barely hurts at all” advertisement. She described it as sounding and feeling like you are chainsawing off your legs. She is not particularly good with pain though.

Oh, I’d guess she’s really not, because I don’t think that’s false advertising. It only hurts at all when I’ve attempted to do my underarms.

I’m curious about how the epilator feels. I get most everything except my pubes waxed and don’t feel too much pain. Well, there is pain but it’s manageable. Even on the dreaded underarms.

For me, it’s just a very mild sting. I would call it an irritation, not pain. Occasionally, it grabs a hair wrong or the hair is particularly tough and it can smart. But it’s momentary.

The new ones have “massaging rollers” that apply just enough pressure to ease the sting. They are much better than the epilady, which is just a spinning spring. :eek:

The legs are like a mildly stingy prickle to me, nothing much to worry about really. The underarms and bikini region can be ouchy; I think part of it is the very thickly-rooted hair. If it gets too bad I just do it over a couple days, or shave after I do some epilating, and then try to keep up with it as it grows back in.

Get a pair of tweezers and pull out a leg hair. Expect it to hurt about 1/4th as much, which in my case is just about not at all. Surprisingly, having it happen to a bunch of hair at once doesn’t change the amount of pain.

The weird thing is despite dealing OK with waxing (not loving the feeling but who does?) I’ve always hated tweezing. And threading. I’m not sure why–but it’s like an intense pinprick feeling.

Slight hijack, but what is the deal about not waxing over varicose veins? I’d love to be able to just wax every so often but the package has these dire warnings against waxing over varicose veins, which can make it effectively impossible when the varicose veins are randomly and unevenly distributed on the leg.

My epilator came with a numbing spray. So that helps. I find it doesn’t hurt too terribly much, but I think I have a high pain tolerance.

I find I miss a lot of spots. I don’t feel stubbly, but I do miss a lot of hairs. I wonder if it’s because I miss them, my epilator sucks, or if maybe those few hairs sprang up overnight. I find I am getting ingrown hairs. I am trying to exfoliate more to help with that.

Each time I do it (i’ve had it for about 2 months now) it hurts even less than the time before. I’ve never waxed.

I just got so sick of shaving. Even with the hairs I miss, my legs feel pretty smooth all the time. I hope the “if you do it enough, they’ll start coming in slower” thing is for real though.