Tell me about GOOD customer service you've received.

Several examples:

#1 - My ISP. A couple of years ago, my mailbox got absolutely flooded with viruses. I was still on dialup, and it took minutes to download each message to my mailbox so it could be deleted. I was going crazy, and called CS to change my address. The girl listened to my tale, then told me that they would institute their new firewall on my account at once, no charge. She then told me what to do to shortcut the download problem, then purged my mailbox for me. This is not an isolated instance. Every time I have every called them for Tech. Support, I have always gotten a fix, and a followup call to make sure the fix worked. I love these guys!

#2 - Wine of the Month Club. UPS has a problem with delivering wine without an adult signature. No matter how many times I tell them that there are only adults at this address, and to leave it on the porch, they always ended up taking it back to the warehouse. WOTMC noticed that one of their shipments got returned, and without any contact from me, figured out the problem and ever since has shipped my selections FedEx, who aren’t so anal.

The best ever reason for moving to or (in my case) back to a small town: Faboo customer service! Since moving “home” last year, going to the hardware store is a joyous experience. The employees have been there forever, and they know where everything is, whether it’s in stock, how much it costs, and how to install it. (And they’ll ask about my mama, children, dogs, and bursitis while they grind a new $1.95 key. Then they’ll invite me over to pick whatever I want out of their gardens.) Plus, the waitresses at the local coffee shop know what I want as soon as I walk in, despite the fact that I only average a stop every two or three weeks. And the baggers at all three local supermarkets know which car to put the groceries into before I even recall where I’m parked.

Best recent example? I bought groceries earlier this week, and the bagger - the beloved Mr. Charles - noticed that my rear passenger-side tire looked slack while I was still inside the store. He mentioned it to me while indulging my 7-year-old son’s desire to “help” bag groceries. When I got my handy-dandy 12V air compressor out of the trunk, he insisted on pumping up the tire himself, since I was dressed in office clothes – he didn’t want me to “mess up my pretty dress.”

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but just this week we had a going-away lunch for a co-worker. There were about ten of us and when we were getting ready to pay the bill, the waitress told us she could split the bill for us at the register. It probably took her about five or ten extra minutes to ring everyone up individually, but she didn’t seem to mind. It was the first time I had been to that restaurant, but with a cheerful attitude like that, it definitely won’t be the last!

Here’s my Dell computer story. About a year and a half ago, my stepdaughter was getting ready to move out and I was going to let her take my old computer with her for doing her schoolwork. So I went to Dell’s website to order a new one for myself. This was less than two weeks before Christmas, and I figured with the holiday rush, I’d be lucky to get the thing by mid January. I ordered it on a Monday and it was on my front porch by Wednesday. (And then the next day I got an email from them telling me my computer had shipped and to expect it in the next 3-5 days!)

I recently ordered yarn from an online store. I was a little worried, because I couldn’t find anything on the site about how long it would take to process the order and what their normal shipping time was. I ordered the yarn on a Tuesday morning. When I left the house the next morning (at about 10 am) the package of yarn was sitting on my front steps. It was wrapped beautifully, had a nice note inside, and a sample card of all their other yarns. I sent them an email telling them how happy I was.

Another time I’ve gotten great customer service was when I lived in Salt Lake City (and I think I’ve mentioned this before on the boards). It was a really snowy, awful night and my windshield wiper broke. I pulled into the Pep Boys and told them what the problem was. They said I didn’t need to buy a new part - they had some extras sitting in a drawer. Then the guy went out in the blowing snow and fixed it all up for me. Then, when I asked him how much I owed him, he told me not to worry about it. I wrote a letter to their corporate office about him and continued to give that store my business.

I’ve got a few great customer service stories.
Over at a BBQ message board a couple of guy started a company selling rubs. This company is a part time deal, not a full time gig. I placed an order, and got an e mail back saying that they were out, but would be making more soon. Great I thought it will be three weeks before I see this stuff. 48 hours later I had a package. :eek: Great rubs

Airlines, yup had some great service there also.
For about 4 years I flew out of Portland Oregon at least once a month on Friday afternoon to LA. I got to know the skycaps and the ladies that work at the club on a first name basis. Anyway this one winter afternoon I show up and the skycap greets me by name, and asks me which flight I am on. When I tell him, he tells me the flight is cancelled. I ask him if he can check my luggage and I will work on getting rebooked upstairs at the club.
I walk into the club and before I can even say hi, the concierge says, Don’t say a word, I allready have you rebooked. Go get a drink I will be there in a minute.
Sure enough a couple of minutes later she shows up, gives me a ticket on another airline, and tells me that I will get my frequent flier miles. What a nice lady.
More than once I have had flight attendents give me bottles of wine to take home.
I also had a ticket agent not charge me for my bicycle box (usually a $50 charge) becasue I was the only person that had not given her shit all day.

My buddy and I used to go to a garage that was amazing. You could go back six months later and the guys there would name your make, model, and last service. We were constantly floored.

I took my car in with a clutch problem, and they could have told me just about anything. The guy comes out to the parking lot and inspects under the hood a moment. He reaches in deep and fiddles.

“The clutch cable just needed tightening. Done.”

They wouldn’t even take money. Amazing.

A few things:

The most memorable restaurant service I’ve ever had was at a Steak and Ale restaurant some years ago. I was single, eating by myself, and reading a book. Usually when I’d do this, I’d either be ignored, or checked on so often that I couldn’t read my book. The server I had that night was almost psychic in the way he came by only when I was at a stopping point. He was just attentive enough, didn’t interrupt me, was there when I needed something. Years later, I still measure all my dining out experiences against the gold standard of this one. I tipped him hugely, and sought out the manager before I left to tell him what a wonderful eating experience I’d had.

Not long ago, I went to Publix to get some vanilla. I went to the spice aisle and picked out a bottle and went to checkout. The cashier saw my purchase, and asked if I’d seen a different brand that was a larger size AND cheaper than the bottle I was buying. I said, no, I hadn’t. She ran over to the display (not far away) and brought it back to me. Of course, I bought it, and on my way out of the store, I found a manager and told her how helpful the cashier had been, and how happy I was that I’d stopped by there that day.

I bought a folk harp a few years ago. It’s a 34-string diatonic harp (not one of the big orchestra harps) with levers on every string. But some of the levers hadn’t been mounted correctly, so that when you engaged the lever (to sharp the string by a half-step) the string would then be out of tune. After living with this for a few years, I thought about asking a local harp-builder if there was anything he could do about it. He took in my harp, re-regulated the levers (including re-drilling some of the holes where the levers were mounted.) What he charged me? $10, I think.

Recently, I had a problem with an HP digital camera we’d bought last year (it was still under warranty). I went through the tech chat line on the HP site and they determined I had a problem that they couldn’t resolve through the line. They sent me out another camera, with instructions to pack the old one in the box the new one came in, and send it back in. I thought that was pretty neat too.

There’s good, cheerful service out there. Sometimes it’s hard to find, but it’s there.

My husband and I went to Florida for a week last month. On the drive there, we stopped at Bob Evans in Beckley, WV for lunch. We both love Bob Evans for some reason (I think it’s because he can get breakfast all the time, and I can get yummy salads). So we were seated, and this younger man introduces himself - he was probably 21 or 22. He said it was his first week, so if we would please bear with him, he would appreciate it.

I have never had such a good waiter before ANYWHERE - that includes my brother’s four star restaurant or any gourmet restaurants in NYC. He was there for everything we needed without being overly attentive. We were leaving, and the manager asked how things went, and we gave him a glowing review. I think they both appreciated it - which was nice.

If we get good service, we don’t hesitate to let the management know. We figure so many people complain that we can help tip the scale a little back in their favor.


It’s hard for me to specifically think of good customer service that I experience. In a large part because where I shop I expect, and get, it routinely.

F’rinstance, my father had a small accident while he was shopping a few months ago. He was in the store, when the PA system asked for the owner of the blue car with liscense plate X please come to the customer service desk. When he got there, he was told that there had been an accident with one of the clerks getting shopping carts from the parking lot. They’d gotten out of control and hit his rear passenger side door, and dented it. Then he was told that the store would be glad to pay for repairs, and told him how to go about getting it fixed at their expense.

All told, the repair came to something like $1500, and the company, and everyone my father dealt with, was never anything but helpful, concerned, and polite.

My company once ordered some little magnets as give aways at a fair we were sponsoring. When the magnets arrived on the day before the Saturday fair, our phone number was wrong.

I immediately called the company, asked to speak to whoever handles problems because we have a huge one, and got Frank. I explained the whole thing to Frank who said nothing till I finished, then said “Shit.” I said “Yes, exactly, shit and what are you going to do about it?”

Frank authorized a free replacement of corrected magnets and arranged to have them delivered at 9:00 Saturday morning.

I also bought a very expensive CD (2 CD live German Starlight Express) that developed little tiny holes in the silver CD after 2 1/2 years. Footlight Records gave me a freebie when they got another shipment in.

Smart Srubs. They have a line of hospital scrubs in a wide range of sizes, including many with nifty prints. Normally, with most companies, you get a packing slip with a form on the back to use if you need to return somehing. Smart Scrubs goes farther – also enclosed is a postpaid tyvek return envelope. Wouldn’t work with breakable things, but it’s great for clothes, linens, etc. I wish more companies did this.

Dell, actually. A year or so ago, my husband had problems with some nasty virus that infected his computer and made it totally unable to boot up or anything. He had a tech support guy who wanted so badly to help him out without having to tell him to basically restore the computer to factory standards, that he spent a few hours on the phone with my husband, going through all kinds of stuff trying to fix it. I swear this is true, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been home at the time and saw how long they were working on this.

^ Did they solve the problem?

Our favorite waitress at a higher end restaurant has an eidetic memory. She takes orders at four or five tables without writing anything down, delivers the orders and the food flawlessly, AND remembers what wine you had the last time you were there. She makes a fortune in tips.

My credit card company (Chase/Amazon Visa) recently credited my account for a $320 snafu caused by a couple of ticket brokers. The CSR seemed to understand what happened better than I did, and did not chastise me for waiting so long to contact them. (I’d been trying to resolve it with the brokers.)

I’ve been thinking of starting a thread like this for a while, based on the same thread the OP linked to. I think because of all of the horror stories I read here I am really aware of GOOD service over poor.

  1. Solutions catalog: Mom ordered some metal/glass sconces, one of which came broken. She was about to have Dad go to the post office and return it when I said “hold up, let me check their web site.” Their site had a 24/7 toll-free number to deal with returns. I called the number and got the MOST APOLOGETIC LADY EVER who was thoroughly EMBARASSED that this item arrived broken (most likely not her company’s fault) she said we should just throw away the broken one and she will have a replacement sent immediately. Got it 3 days later. The weird part was that Solutions could have easily taken the metal part back from us and inserted a new glass part and re-sold it, but they ate the cost of the replacement just for the sake of good service.

  2. MBNA credit cards: I’ve been a card holder since 1998. The first time I got their good service was when they called me about two $300 gift certs purchased from Amazon. They asked if I’d bought them - I said no. They took care of the problem (closed account, sent new cards, filed police report, etc) within a week and I didn’t have to pay or dispute anything.
    The second time I caught the malicious purchases first, when they were still in temporary authorizations (thanks to MBNA’s great online tools for cardholders). They took care of it right away again.
    In the last year I’ve called them and asked about getting a new card with a points system. The nice customer service person explained everything, told me how they can split the credit limit of my two cards (they weren’t authorized to give me more credit just yet), went on about how nice the points system was, told me not to cancel my old card because having a long-standing account is good for credit, and was just super nice.
    I also opened an account with them for my small business. I’ve had to call a few times about making sure payments were posted. They were very nice.
    Last time I dealt with the business cards, I had sent a $150 payment. MBNA only registered it as $50. So did my bank. I faxed MBNA a copy of the cancelled check (front and back), but apparently sent to the wrong number. A week later I called back, talked to a guy who gave me a different number who said he’d wait by the machine to get it. He said he couldn’t just apply the $100 to my account but said he would make a payment over the phone and not charge the $15 fee usually associated with it. He called me back later to tell me it all went through.

  3. National City Bank Small Business: Always nice and informational when I call. Answer all my questions. Takes care of anything I need. We’re not a huge business and they aren’t making tons of $$ off of us. I feel they treat us just like any huge account.

  4. I really wanted a specific swimsuit. The ONLY place I could find it was this site. I ordered. Shortly after I placed an order I got a personal email from a rep who said that one wasn’t in stock. I found another that I wanted, $10 more than the original. I said “is this in stock? Can you replace my order with this one?” They did, got it shipped immediately and charged me the price of the original, cheaper one.

So far I have been on a “good customer service” roll. Maybe I just know how to pick 'em!

Ditto on MBNA.

Also Nordstrom’s. I hate to shop and basically want to go in, find what I want, pay for it and leave. First time I went into Nordstrom’s, I couldn’t find what I wanted and was about to leave. Salesperson inquired and within 5 minutes had 3 different possibilities in hand, and had me in a dressing room. She came back a couple more times with other suggestions so I did not have to go through the tedious “undress, try on, re-dress, re-shop, repeat” process. Soon I found something that was almost right but did not fit quite right. No problem. 2 minutes later a tailor was pinning up the garment, and a few days later I had the suit, no extra charge for alteration.

Another time, I saw something I wanted but was too tired to continue shopping. A few weeks later I went back & couldn’t find it. The salesperson told me they’d just shipped all of that style out to make room for the new season, but that she’d try to find one in my size elsewhere. About 2 weeks later, she called me to say she hadn’t found it yet, but was still looking; did I still want it? I did, and another few weeks later, I had the item.

As a result, it’s the very first place I look for anything.

Oh, and there’s a diner near where I work where they’ve gotten to know me. I tipped well from the first, eat there one or 2 times a week. They recognize my car; by the time I sit down, my coffee and glass of water are there! The owner knows I like to read a newspaper while I lunch, and if there’s one available she brings it over to me.

We also had a great customer service experience with Delta, and we weren’t even customers.

We had taken a Disney Cruise. When we left, one of our bags was missing from the baggage collection terminal (on a cruise, at least this one, you leave your bags out the night before you leave, they move them off the ship that morning, sort them, and you pick them up in a big room - very efficient). We hung around the terminal, hoping it would show up. Filed a lost luggage report with Disney. They said it might show up at the airport, and if they found it, they’d put it on our plane. Wasn’t there (we flew Northwest, by the way).

We get home and there is a message on our answering machine from the baggage handlers in Indianapolis (or some such place). Someone else had grabbed our (black, biggest carryon sized, pull along, looks like everyone elses) bag and checked it through to Indianapolis. Where she realized it wasn’t hers and left it at the airport.

Delta baggage (not the customer service folks, they couldn’t figure out how to handle someone who didn’t fly with them) put the bag on the next flight to Minneapolis with a note. The baggage guys in Minneapolis got the bag and drove it out to our house. Less than 16 hours later I had my bag.

One of my favorite places to eat is Pappadeaux. Why? Well, the food is certainly not too bad, but the service is frankly great. There are better places to eat in my town…but if I’m taking the family out, usually we go there. The people are not obtrusive but the service is great. When I need a refill of my drink, its there. Every time I’ve been to the place the food has been consistent…and consistently good. The staff are ALWAYS extremely friendly. Every dinner I’ve had there a manager has come by to lightly ask if everything is ok…and if there was any problem at all they always bend over backwards to fix it.

For instance, my wife ordered stuffed mushrooms once. She got them and thought they were fine. After nearly finishing them a manager came over and appologized for the size of the mushrooms (appearently they weren’t cooked exactly to specification and they shrunk…my wife said they were fine) and offered to either get her a new dish or to take the price off our tab. I told the manager that my wife was fine with the mushrooms, but he insisted…so she got another dish of them (she loves the things for some reason). A bit later the manager came back (again, unobtrusively and without being a bother) and offered us free desert. And this is the norm. They really want to have the best service in town…and IMO, though they aren’t one of the finer restaurants, they achieve that.

And you know what? There is always a huge line outside of people trying to get in. No surprise IMHO.


Kevbo, I order from these guys almost daily, and spend a ridiculous amount of money with them. I just sent my account manager a link to this thread and your post, so he’ll know I"m not the only one who loves them!