Tell me about Hagerstown, M.D.

Specifically, about shopping in that area. I’m going to be over in the area the week of Veteran’s Day and hearing that outlet malls in this particular area kick ass, will be doing the brunt of my Christmas shopping then.

Anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or tips to share in this particular area?

Hagerstown, M.D.?

Did the town obtain the medical degree as a unit, or does each individual obtain one seperately? Just wondering.


Yeah, I don’t know the Doctor, but the area is good for antique shopping, if you’re in to that.

I know they have a fantastic ribbon outlet store. don’t know about the rest… (I could ask)…

Prime Outlets, on Rt 70, north of town I think, do kick ass, particurly for clothes shopping. Not so hot for book/video/music shopping, but a lot of deals in housewares and electronics. The one putzy little outlet bookstore seems to be mostly books for people who do not read. There is a Harry and David’s, that gormet food speciality store, which has lots of free samples. We always go in to chow down on dried wasabi-flavored peas and chocolate-covered pretzels.

That’s the only part of Hagartown that I’m familiar with.

Hagerstown’s an hour from where I live, Rockville, MD, and is also about an hour from Baltimore.

There’s copious amounts of shopping in both cities.

Also near Baltimore is Ellicott City, which is a famed antiques town, but I believe most of the shopping district in the town was gutted by a fire a year or three ago.

The Prime Outlets are East of town on I-70. They recently expanded. These outlets are huge and have just about anything you might need.

Just North of Town on I-81 there is a new Huge Super Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Office Max among others.

Also, if you follow MD Rt. 68 South through Sharpsburg, MD from the Outlets, you can go to Shepherdstown, WV. They have good shopping and restaurants. There are few good restaurants in the vicinity of the Outlets (Cracker Barrell, Waffle House, McDonalds).

Have fun.

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