Tell me about Lexington Park, MD

The company Mrs. Magill had interned with in college, dropping tanks out of C-130s for the Air Force, has contacted her and wants her to come work for them on a project for the Navy. In order to sway her decision, they have taken out the shoebox full of money. This position is in Lexington Park, Maryland.

The upside? Lower cost of living. A chance to raise Pinky and his hypothetical siblings in a state which does not rank in the bottom 10 in public education.

The downside? I no nothing about Lexington Park. I found it on a map, looked it up in the cost of living calculator, and found listings in, but that’s it. Main questions are would it be a good place to raise a family? How close to Washington is it? Would I be able to find a job there? (I am a telecom vet and a Tech Theater vet.) Is there a good comic shop?

Could any one tell me the straight dope on Lexington Park?

I think it has a nice name.

But that’s all I know. Because I’ve only just heard of it in this thread.

Probably not the in-depth information you were seeking, but there you have it.

“Lexington Park, MD. A place with a nice name.”

Having not heard about it until last night, I 'm right there with you (until last night, I had been researching Norfolk, Va - Much easier.)

Things I know:
It has a nice name.
It’s south east of Washington.
It’s across the Patomic from Va.
Its population is 11000
It’s right on the Chesapeak Bay.
It’s in Maryland.

Things I don’t know:
Everything else.

FairyChatMom and Dgbygawdcapn live in the general area. I’m sure FCM will be by eventually to comment.

If the other job prospect in Nawfick warms up, I can help. I live across the river in Hampton.

This was the other job prospect in Norfolk. Actually, the original words were, “near Norfolk.” I guess this is true, as long as you don’t count the Potomic and James Rivers.

You shouldn’t count the Potomac - it enters the Chesapeake a bit further north. The James is the only thing between Hampton and Norfolk.

I’ve had occasion to drive through Lexington Park a coupla times, but I couldn’t tell you much about it. I live in northern Calvert County; Lexington Park is across the Patuxent from the southern end of Calvert County - and north-south is the long way across Calvert, which is why I don’t get down there that much.

People commute to DC from there. It would be a longish commute. (I think there are commuter buses from there, though; beats driving.) But if there’s something you want to do in DC on a Saturday, it’s close enough for that.

Lexington Park has all the usual big-box stores, so you don’t have to go far to do your routine shopping.

Hopefully FairyChatMom will stop in here shortly; she’s much more familiar with that corner of southern Maryland than I am.

That’s what I get for using Mapquest. The roads have names, not the waterways.

1 1/2 hours Reagan Airport… according to this company. Why some one would want to spend three hours in their car each day is beyond me.

Well, I appreciate everyone’s help so far.

Lexington Park ( named after the aircraft carrier Lexington during WW II ) is a navy town, situated just outside the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. The street names read like a history of WW II. Midway, Saratoga, Yorktown, Enterprise, Essex, Coral, Tulagi, St. Lo, Franklin, Hornet, Hancock, Kearsarge.

If you have tech skills, employment should not be problem as there are a multitude of defense contractors that perform support work for the naval base.

It is about 1.5 hours driving time to both Washington, DC and Baltimore.

The town itself is not much to shout about, a main thoroughfare lined with office buildings, fast food shops, and auto dealers (sorry, no comic book shop), but the surrounding area is still fairly rural and picturesque.

I have lived in the area for 40+ years, so if there is any particular information you need, feel free to email me.

It’s not a bad town at all - but there’s not much to do. I went to school at St. Mary’s College of Maryland for a while, which is right down the road. Patuxent NAS is about it. It’s NOT 1.5 hours to Baltimore, though - more like 2-2.5, more with bad traffic.

gorgeous Southern MD country
low cost of living
tons of history in St. Mary’s county
St. Mary’s College is an amazing school (if you don’t play rugby and drink instead of going to class…)
Great Sailing, Windsurfing and Rowing opportunities.
2 great bars: Monk’s and The Green Door
REALLY FRESH CRABS. My biggest regret in moving to the midwest…
Middle of nowhere. Although LP is the biggest town in the area, so that is where the stores and such are.
Very, how shall I put this, salt-of-the-earth type people. Nice, but leaning towards redneck. This is a lot more prevalent on the edges of town. In town proper, there are lots of professionals, military folk and a moderate amount of academics, from the school.
Most non-professional/academic jobs don’t pay well there.
If you’re a theatre tech I’d imagine the only opportunities are REALLY small community theatre or productions at the college.

Wait a sec, it’s a college town without a comic shop?


I’m a recent transplant to St. Mary’s County, living in Mechanicsville, about 20 miles or so from Lex Park. I happen to love this part of the state and country, but I’m a sailor, and proximity to the bay is a biggie for me. I had hoped to work at Pax River, and we’d bought a lot in California, but when my job offer came in from Dahlgren, VA, we sold the lot and bought a house closer to Charles county.

It’s a mostly rural area, and I think it’s quite lovely. It’s in the boonies, but not too gawd-awful far from more populated areas. I can’t speak for the schools since my baby graduated from a high school in Florida and is attending college in Orlando, but I’m a product of Baltimore county schools, and I like to think I turned out OK.

I would recommend you mosey over to - it’s a pretty good source of info on the area, and there’s a message board there, too. Beware, tho, it’s not nearly as civilized as this board. And feel free to email me with specific questions if you don’t want to post them here. I can recommend an excellent realtor!

Well, Mrs Magill, Pinky, and I are flying up tomorrow to check out the area. It sounds like a nice area. So far, my only complaint is the nearest airport is about 2 hours away.

undefinedLexington Park was built about WWII to support the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. It is like many other Navy towns, I should know I lived there until about seven years ago. The surronding area is quite nice, but very rural. It is about one hour to Washington DC(barring rush hour traffic). It probally doesn’t offer as much culturally as Norfolk(smaller community) but the area does try hard. I would not recommend living in Lex Park proper but in one of the other small towns in the area. Calvert County is just across the Patuxent River and many people who work at the Navy base live here. Housing in Calvert County tends to be cheaper than that in St. Marys County.
By the way Paul in Saudi is my brother and suggested that I log on to answer you. Hope this helps

Thanks, Beth623. And thank you, Paul in Saudi.

Beth623, do you know anything about the schools in Calvert County?

I’m glad I decided to check in tonight before I went to bed.

I just called Beth, she is at work right now (about 13.00 Atlanta time). I asked her to log in when she gets a chance.

Until Beth returns, you should look here and here.

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I don’t have kids, so I can’t speak from personal experience. But my sister used to work for the Md. State Department of Ed, and she said (back in 1998, when we moved up here) that the Calvert County school system was the second-highest rated in the state, behind only (the very affluent) Montgomery County school system.

I don’t know if it’s still #2 in the state, but everything I hear suggests that it’s still a quality public school system.

I think Beth meant This and this.

I want to say thank you to everyone who responded. Kristin and I flew up this weekend, so I could see the area for myself. We tooled around Solomon’s Island, Pinky loved looking at the waves hitting the rocks just off the boardwalk. We looked at some nearby neighborhoods and picked up some information.

Staturday night, we had dinner at Carter’s Landing, listened to a fellow playing guitar, and Pinky danced with some local kids. I had a chance to talk to some locals about the area. Everyone was very friendly, and made us feel welcome. We really liked it up there.

Unfortunately, if I want a job, I either need to get a MSEE, tall order for a BA in theatre, or be a Walmart greeter.

So it is great regret and heavy hearts we had to turn our backs on Southern Maryland.