Tell me about Nashville, TN

I have not been there in years but I am considering a possible move there in the next 6-12 months. I am 29, single and just curious about how others would describe and/or rate life there?

I’d be glad to offer some opinions. It would be helpful if you could answer a few questions of your own that would assist in giving meaningful answers.

  1. I see you’re in Mississippi. Big town or small town or rural?
  2. Are you interested in the music industry?
  3. Are you a big sports fan?
  4. How important will heavy traffic be to you?
  5. Are you used to ice and snow in the winter?
  6. Do you mind being 400+ miles from the nearest salt water?
  7. How important are good restaurants?
  8. Are you much into night life?
  9. Will you be moving to an existing job or starting fresh?

Any other personal tastes and preferences might help get useful responses from others. I’m pretty sure there are at least five and maybe more than 20 Nashville Dopers active these days.

Yeah, ask away. I moved here about 9 years ago. Still like it, even though housing is high and traffic is generally miserable.

There are finally some really good restraurants open in town. For a while, we were just chain city.

It’s a nice place to live, with some caveats.

  1. I guess I am in the biggest city MS has to offer…Jackson.
  2. I enjoy a good live band, but have no aspirations to be in one.
  3. I love my college football team, but I have only been to a handful of them since I left college 6 years ago.
  4. I am almost unbearably nice until I am in heavy traffic. It is as if the Demon of Road Rage himself is living within, so the traffic has been a consideration.
  5. What is this ice and snow concept of which you speak?
  6. I love the beach, but I dont get to go all that often. Valid point though. Something for me to think about there.
  7. I am kindof a workout nut and eating out is not a big priority for me at all.
  8. I used to be into the nightlife, but I have become so bored with my local scene that I have all but stopped going out for drinks etc.
  9. As for jobs, both moving within my company and starting fresh are options. In my current line of work, our headquarters are in Nashville, and I have pretty much been told I can move up there if I choose to.
    I am also taking a couple of night classes to complete an emergency teacher’s certification so I would be able to teach in Aug 2007.

Lately, I just feel as if I am unhappy with my current life. I think I need a change and I was thinking of Atlanta or Nashville and everyone I talk to quickly shouts “Nashville!” when I present my choices to them for an opinion.

So thanks Zeldar, for any advice you offer.

Great answers. And helpful. I have been through Atlanta and even spent a few nights there on business and personal matters, but I would never consider living there. Too big.

There are signs Nashville envies Atlanta’s “Capital of the South” image. Roads have gotten scary over the last 10-20 years, but at least things have stabilized in some parts of town. They’re working on virtually every stretch of interstate in every direction. Result: get a place to live where you avoid the interstates. That means get a place close to your job (or vice versa). Housing is not cheap. Last time I checked the median price of a home was in the multi-100’s-of thousands. Still way cheaper than big cities up east, though.

Nashville is way more cosmopolitan and liberal than Birmingham, Montgomery and (as far as I know) Jackson. It’s not as wide open as New Orleans, but it’s not under water either. Speaking of weather, Nashville has had some mean tornadoes over the past 10-20 years. That may be new to a Mississippian. But local weather coverage on TV stations (all of them) is first rate.

The Titans are an exciting pro football team if that matters.

Plenty of choices on movies and night clubs and restaurants, although you’ll need to learn the lay of the land. Some are great and some suck.

Health care is topnotch with all manner of teaching hospitals and specialty clinics.

And there’s a church on every corner.

Other areas I could get specific about for you?

Thanks Zeldar, and diku for the helpful input.

I have a girlpal that has a house there and I intend to go stay with her in Sept or Oct and get a feel for the city overall. She has also advised getting a place close to my work being key and avioding the interstates as much as possible when dealing with a commute.

I think you are right about Atlanta for me as well. Just a little too big. And I do love The Big Easy and was there last weekend for my birthday…had a blast, but cant see living there. Being below sea level has been demonstrated to be hazardous as of late. I had considered Birmingham, but I think that would be a lateral move, more than an onwards and upwards kindof thing.

I have really never heard anyone advise me against Nashville, so that has to count for something. Everyone that I ask says it is a great place to live.

The Titans…I completely forgot they were there. That would be cool!

And a good church is relativly common around the Southern Parts so I dont worry to much about that, but it is a plus, so it is good to know.

And I was lucky enough to participate in a straight-line wind storm that would compare to a small tornado, so I know to duck and cover with the best of them.

I really appreciate any general opinions and I will try to think of more specific areas and post them later.

Thanks again!

One other thing that impressed me about Middle Tennessee as compared to Central Alabama when I moved to this area 40-something years ago is the scenery. This section of the US is really special. Half a day’s drive can get you to fantastic scenery:

Mammoth Cave
Fall Creek Falls
Guntersville Lake
Center Hill Lake
Dale Hollow Lake
(if lakes matter, Old Hickory and Percy Priest are adjacent to Nashville and Davidson County)
Savage Gulf (natural area)
The Smokies

You ought to know about the Natchez Trace Parkway since it passes through (or near) Jackson. That’s a special way to spend a day or two just seeing what the rural South is still like.

Then you’ve got easy trips to Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Asheville, Spartanburg, and the other decent sized cities of the South for getaways. In other words, Nashville and Middle Tennessee are good hubs for other points of interest.

The ice and snow situation isn’t all that bleak. There are usually a few day-or-longer snowfalls each year, and at least as many ice storms. People around these parts don’t do so well driving under those conditions and most smart ones stay home. Either that or get reported on the 5 o’clock news.

I should say this negative, though. Virtually every day’s traffic report mentions dozens of fender bender to personal injury incidents. Every day. No fail. Fucking crazy drivers.

But the scenery is fine. Especially for somebody used to flat and featureless countryside.

I want to add my 2 cents.

I moved to Nashville in February last year from Detroit.

Winters here are great. There is some ice and snow but it is not too bad. People give southerns stick for being bad at driving in winter but no one can drive well on ice (except professional race drivers).

IMHO, there are lots of nice restaurants and there are some pretty good shopping areas. I don’t really know what the Nashville night life is like though (although some friends of mine seem to enjoy it).

Traffic here is no worse than in Detroit, IMHO. There were lots of wrecks and fender benders there, just like here. It helps to know 2 or 3 ways to work, incase the interstates get really backed up though. Rush hour is bad, but when I go to work (around 9:30) the traffic is actually pretty good and it only takes me 35 minutes to drive the 20 miles to work.

Housing can be expensive depending on where you live and that will depend on where exactly you work. Brentwood is expensive, Smyrna, Antioch and LeVergne are not.

As Zeldar said, there are dozens of places to visit within easy driving distance of Nashville.

The Titans have been mentioned, but we also have the Nashville Predators hockey team, there is a minor league baseball team (Nashville Sounds) and the Memphis Grizzlies are only a few hours west.

I was born and raised here, I don’t have any real desire to live anywhere else. I’m that rarest of people around here, a native Nashvillian. ;> Traffic is pretty bad, and the ongoing construction efforts to alleviate it only tend to make it worse IMO. I’ll be the voice of dissent and say the interstates can be your best friend you just have to really get to know them inside and out along with their ebbs and flows. There are three major interstates that run through here afterall, with 440, 265 and 840 ringing the city… it would be a shame to avoid them all the time. It helps if you can work a job where you can avoid major rush hours by going in a bit early or a little late. Housing really isn’t expensive either unless your the type of person that just HAS to live in the most affluent areas. The average home value here is 149,000 or so if I recall correctly, which is hardly expensive for most cities our size. There are tons of good and varied dining options, plenty of places to go out for a drink and dance, good parks. It’s a pretty neat place if I do say so, my wife is from upstate NY and she loves it here… her parents were so impressed when visiting they moved to the area too (although the grandkids helped I think ;>). We have no state income tax but our sales tax is high at 9%. We just built a really wonderful concert hall for the symphony, we have what has been called one of the most beautiful public buildings in the South (the new Main Branch Library), the Titans, the Predators… a minor league baseball team called the Sounds. Let me know if you have any other more specific questions and I’d be happy to try and answer them.

Consider Murfreesboro.
30-35 miles away from Nashville.

Lower housing. Very nice housing, but 15-20% less.
Lower cost of living.
Lower Taxes. Much, much lower!!
Accounted safer than Nashville.
Commute no problem, if you use Murfreesboro Road instead of the Interstate, but even I-24 is better than I-40.

In a few years, we get Commuter Rail (I’m in TDOT, so I know).

And, we have Middle Tennessee State University, with an excellent College of Education.

Give it a look, at all events.

Thank you all so much, I am just reading and soaking it all in. Murfreesboro does sound familiar…I think I have heard others mention it as a good, affordable area.

It all sounds so new and exciting!

I have not gotten far enough along in any plans, I have realized, to have alot of specific questions, but I still appreciate any advice or reviews any other Nashville dopers are willing to share!

Nashville sounds like it might be the place for me though!