Tell me about Portland, ME

Thank you all for the information about Baltimore. I made it here safely and have been exploring the city.

The eventual destination for me is Portland, Maine. I’m really intrigued by the city and want to live there.

I’ve done a lot of research, but I’d like to hear some personal opinions.

What’s it like? How’s the public trans? How’s the weather and the job market? Are any of the things Stephen King writes about Maine true?

Any info is greatly appreciated.

I lived in South Portland, Maine for about 10 months, but I didn’t leave anything there that I had to go back for lol

You’ll need a job of course … the food is good, lobster rolls at the walk ups, hot meatball sandwiches at the corner grocery store were good enough to die for.

The people were cold and unfriendly to me, but I did meet some that were very nice except the neighbors that plowed all of the snow up in back of my car, because I didn’t pay to help remove the snow from the rear parking lot. Took me hours to undo by hand.

Nice in the summer … good luck