Tell me about Scottsdale, Arizona

My youngest son is graduating with a BSN in May and is seriously thinking about going to Scottsdale to work either at the Mayo clinic or a trauma center, Scottsdale Health Center, Shea. He was there over the weekend and throught it was great, but there are always things you don’t know about until you live somewhere.

I’m wondering, since they are having a drought, if water is worth it’s weight in gold and his water bill will be sky-high. Also, I understand you have to run the AC 24/7 in the summer. That could be very expensive. What would be the average for a 1-bedroom apt.?

Since the pay scale there is much below New York, where he was originally planning to work (e.g. starting pay $60,000+ vs. $40,000) and he has massive student loans, money is important.

Also, I see the governor just authorized sending more troops to the border, so obviously there is a huge illegal immigrant problem there. What are the ramifications of this on everyday life? Since Shea is a disproportionate share hospital (has more than average medicare patients) I can only conclude that’s because they serve a large, poor population.

Observations from anyone who has lived or visited there would be appreciated.

Scottsdale does have its share of illegals but much less so than Phoenix. We call it Snotsdale for a reason. (And yes, I live there)

(Scottsdale is part of metropolitan Phoenix)

Bills reaching 300 dollars a month (including gas) are not rare for my location (4 bedroom house), but in your son’s case the bill is likely to be cheaper.

As for Shea: One of my in-laws works there in the office, send me a note if you have questions regarding local bureaucratic stuff and medical staff issues and I will ask my relative.

I often have technicians that go to the Phoenix area this time of year to check it out. They really like what they see, and often move there.
Then comes summer.
Then some of them move back. :smiley:
Phoenix heat is hard to explain to a person that has not experienced it. it is impressive to say the least. Opressive might be a better word.
I’m not saying don’t move there, I am just saying that if you have not visited in July or Aug you have no idea what you are in for.
:cool: <- you will need many pairs of sunglasses, and if you fall asleep outside by the pool this is how you will look.

Unless your son is the outdoorsey type, the heat really shouldn’t be an issue (AC bills aside, of course). Everything is air conditioned. I’m not an outdoorsey person, so it could be 130 degrees and it wouldn’t make much difference to me. I mean, I don’t do well in hot weather, but I can take the heat long enough to dash from the car to the store.

My SIL lives in Snobsdale and loves it.

Just moved back to New England from Scottsdale… It is very pretty to look at, but taken as a whole your bills tend to average out over the course of a year. Lots of electricity in the Summer months, but very little in the winter months. If you go to the SRP website (the electric company for the valley - stands for Salt River Project) they have plans one can get on and save lot’s of money over the course of the year.

If he is outdoorsy he will absolutely love it there! And the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale Paradise Valley area are gorgeous.

IANA Phoenician, but I’ve spent a good chunk o’ time in AZ. I don’t know how much time off a BSN is going to get out there, but if it’s decent, a two-hour trip max northwards will land him in the very, very cool Northern Arizona countryside. Ski in the morning, swim in the evening.