Tell Me About Some Of Your Turkey Dinners

Had one marinated in Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry once and it was amazing. I’m hoping we make it again later on this month.

You’ve just put me off turkey for a month.

You can try it with chicken too. :smiley:

I follow my secret boyfriend, Alton Brown’s brining recipe.

I had very few leftovers after serving a part of 14. My MIL was horrified…you soaked the turkey overnight in salt water? You’re cooking it at 500 degrees for thirty minutes, then covering the breast and cooking it the rest of the way?

I love being vindicated.

For the past 26 years, we’ve camped in the desert for Thanksgiving with friends. Paul has been in charge of the turkey, and has produced wonders. It’s been deep-fried, buried pit pig style, turned over a fire on a battery-powered spit, grilled, whathaveyou. I have no idea how he plans to do it this year, but I know it will be delicious.

Fresh and Easy has a microwaveable turkey with stuffing and potatoes and gravy dinner that’s actually pretty good.

thanks for this informative thread!

I’ve had turkey that was basted with Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine (yes, that $2 swill). It was delicious.

I did Alton’s brining method for the first time last year and I was amazed at the result.