Tell me about the 'friend' feature

What is the function of the *friend *feature?

It maintains a list of your friends. It is exactly what it sounds like. Social networking is hot right now, and so everyone is running to add it to their application, regardless of whether it makes any sense or whether their implementation actually does anything at all.

You tell us - you’ve got two of them.

It doesn’t confer any special priviliges either way, or at least I don’t think it does.

The problem I have with the function is that a friendship request can remain pending for literally aeons (probably) and you’ll never know whether the request has been actively rejected, totally ignored or accidentally overlooked.

If I sound at all bitter, it’s because my selfless wish to befriend a very high profile member of this message board has been rejected/ignored/overlooked.

A mere oversight, I promise. Send it again, and I’ll approve. :smiley: