Why Be-Friend someone?

I’ve got “friend” requests pending from a couple of people – what purpose will this function serve? Is there any reason why I should or shouldn’t accept these requests?

Because I’ll cry if you don’t Friend me. :wink:

Cliques? Wonderful.

I tried to use that to remember people whose post I was particularly interested in. It didn’t occur to me they had to accept the request (*) (even though I knew it’s customary on other sites). The reason is that friend’s posts appear (or used to appear) in a larger format, so you cannot miss them.

(*) Which means that :

-I send “friend” requests to people I had zero contact with previously
-I’ve been rejected as a friend many times (I just thought the feature didn’t work well). That should hurt.

  • I later deleted people who had actually accepted to be my friends because I found it didn’t work well/was incovenient upon further reflection. Probably also sent new requests to some later.

All the while not thinking I was actually interacting with them. I used this feature as I use my signature : adding, changing, deleting on a whim or for convenience.

I don’t know yet, but when I saw the new feature, I sent a request to almost everyone in my old list. The software brought them over. I’m not sure if it will serve any real purpose, but some of us just like playing with any gadget that falls into our hands. :wink:

I had mostly used my list to track other Tolkien fans, for some reason you and a few others were on my list, I am not sure why, but it predates the Tolkien list I made and I think goes back to Dopefest related stuff in 2006.


And it is fun for me- emphasizes the social nature of the board, which I really enjoy. I can also check if a friend is online and maybe send a PM.

It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :smiley:

Why Be-Friend someone?

Because they don’t make your A Friend list. :wink: