Tell me about windshield repair

A pebble just hit our front windshield and made a small crack (less than 1 cm diameter, but all the way through). If we get this repaired instead of the whole glass replaced, how will it be? Good as new? Okay? We’ll regret it?

Tell me your stories. Thanks.

Oh, and what did it cost? Thanks again.

(My, it’s quiet in here.) One more try. Anyone?

I had a pebble crack my window on the freeway the first week I had it. It was a bullseye crack (not all the way through) and the repair cost $60. They filled it in with apoxy and vacuum sealed it. They did a crappy job and you can see the obvious crack, but it hasn’t worsened in the seven months since. I had a mobil repairman fix it who would not guarantee that it would disappear; if you shop around you can get someone to guarantee it. Is the crack a gaping hole or something?

Thanks, Angela.

Not gaping, just a deep crack.

In FL, you can always get the windshield replaced for free. The glass companies to all the insurance paperwork and everything for you. You can get the thing replaced with no out-or-pocket expenses. There is a company that even gives you a free box of steaks for calling them out.
So you get a crack in your windshield, call a moblie company to come to your driveway and replace it. Then, before they leave, they hand you a box of meat. Awesome!

I believe it’s the same in NC too, minus the steak. Have you checked into this where you are? It might cost nothing to replace.

I forgot about that! In my case I had to deal with a deductible, but you might be able to waive that.

I bought at kit at the auto parts store. You have to do it asap as the quality depends on how clean it is & the longer you wait the longer it has a change to get dirty.

Free? Damn! I had to get my windshield replaced because of storm damage a few months ago and it came out of my deductible.

The windshield people did come to the house to replace it, which was nice.

Amen to the windshield repair kit. Cost is under $10, and I’ve treated 3 or 4 stone shots on the same windshield over the years and none of them have spread. You’re left with a small mark, however that’s still less than glass deductible on your insurance policy.

No free meat, though.

I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere…

Thanks, all.